Episcopal High School

Application Process

In January, the Financial Aid Office sends information about applying for aid to the families of (1) returning students currently receiving financial aid, (2) applicants who have requested financial aid information on the admission application, (3) returning students not currently receiving financial aid but who have requested forms from the Financial Aid Office.


1. Parents are asked to access the FAST Program website specifically for Episcopal High School applicants. Once there, click the Start Application button on the first page. All financial information should be entered directly through the secure server by February 16, 2018. Space is also provided to enter additional information that may be pertinent to the application, and we encourage families to use that to explain any unusual circumstances. In addition, a copy of parents' most recent tax returns should be mailed directly to FAST.

2. There will be a fee of $43 required to process this application. Once completed, the application will be available immediately for the Financial Aid Committee’s review. You may be contacted by the School if additional information is needed.


1. Once the application is submitted the Financial Aid Committee can access your application.

2. The Financial Aid Committee then meets to review each family’s completed online application.

3. The Financial Aid Committee determines the allocation of financial aid resources for the next year and financial aid offers are sent to families.

NOTE: Even if your tax return cannot be completed by February 16, 2018 the financial aid application must be submitted by that date to ensure preliminary consideration among the first group of awards. Final action will not be taken, however, until the entire application process, including receipt of the tax forms, has been completed. Computations based on the application will be adjusted to reflect figures shown on the tax forms.


Financial Aid Application deadline.
LATE APPLICATIONS Funds sometimes remain or become available after the initial awards have been offered. Families whose applications for admission have been initiated after the financial aid application deadline are encouraged to proceed. However, the School's resources cannot be guaranteed, and any amounts awarded late may be reduced if funding is available at all.