Student Clubs & Organizations

Admissions Council

Student Representative: Madison Houston

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Gunn

Mission Statement: To serve as the liaison between prospective students and our campus and to promote EHS to our community.

BBQ Club

Student Representative: Sofia Maldonado

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Coleman

Mission Statement: To unite the student body and help relieve the stress of school and other activities by talking about and eating BBQ.

Big Sis Lil Sis

Student Representative: Ashley Cosby

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Richardson

Mission Statement: To equip underclassmen girls with the knowledge to have a successful high school career and to grant upperclassmen girls an opportunity to demonstrate leadership.

Chinese Club

Student Representative: Rosalyn Ho

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Liang

Mission Statement: To better educate the EHS community about Chinese culture, heritage, language, and food.

Computer Science Club

Student Representative: John James Anderson

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Duncan

Mission Statement: To pursue the interests of its members, encourage growth in Computer Science beyond the curriculum, and to contribute and support the EHS community.

Cooking Club

Student Representative: Cami Pyne

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Scharff

Mission Statement: To learn how to cook along with special skills of offer a safe alternative to high risk behavior.

Country Club

Student Representative: Daryn Grams and Abby Corder

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Jones

Mission Statement: To celebrate our country culture here in Texas as well as learn what it means to be a country.

Debate Club

Student Representative: Robin Mathison

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Newton

Mission Statement: To expand knowledge in the fields of current events, philosophy, and debate strategy.

Diversity in Action (DIA)

Student Representative: Ashley Cosby

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Cepeda

Mission Statement: To celebrate and educate people on the many different cultures, religions, ethnicities, etc that make EHS diverse.

DIY Club

Student Representative: Morgan Thompson

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Perry

Mission Statement: To teach and allow exploration of creativity of each individual in and outside of DIY Club.

Ducks Unlimited

Student Representative: Robert Montgomery and Forrest Pressler

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Bradshaw

Mission Statement: To improve and protect the North American wetlands to ensure all migratory ducks continue to reproduce for generations to come.

EHS Cycling/Biking Crew

Student Representative: Sam Birdwell

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Drexel

Mission Statement: To create a group where people who are interested in cycling and cycling events around Houston can come together in an established group.

Family Legacy Club

Student Representative: Grace Geib, Gigi Hanna, and Alexandra Pearson

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Drexel

Mission Statement: To bring hope and healing to the orphans of Zambia by raising awareness to the struggles they face.

Fan-tastic Knights Spirit Club

Student Representative: Brittany Marton and Margaret Martin

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Colello

Mission Statement: To promote, encourage, support, and recognize all Four Pillars.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Student Representative: Alexandra Pearson

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Fox and Mr. Drexel

Mission Statement: To provide a spiritually supportive community and further students' spiritual maturity.

Feminist Club

Student Representative: Analia Salomon

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. T. Smith

Mission Statement: To educate both men and women in the EHS community about feminism.

Freedom Club

Student Representative: Catherine Cody and Anthony Small

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Lerch

Mission Statement: To promote the proliferation of liberty and common-sense, free-market populist ideas from a nonpartisan viewpoint.

Games Club

Student Representative: Harrison Williams

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Flanagan

Mission Statement: To test each other using our wits, creativity, and teamwork to overcome obstacles put in our way.

Gardening Club

Student Representative: Dre Guthrie

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Michael

Mission Statement: To take care of the new EHS garden and to enrich the lives of the community.

Halo/Gaming Club

Student Representative: Jamie Tatum

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Warren

Mission Statement: To give a group of students with similar interests an opportunity to gather as a community.

Interact Club

Student Representative: Georgia Drager and Zoe Friedman

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Wright

Mission Statement: To come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

K-9 Angels Club

Student Representative: Blair Lovoi, Molly Meeks, Arianna Via, and Lillian Way

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Drexel

Mission Statement: To help animals in need to give them everything they need.

Latin Club

Student Representative: Charlotte Spector

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ranneft

Mission Statement: To promote the appreciation of ancient Roman literature, history, art, philosophy, and food.

Make More Everything Club

Student Representative: Rohan Asthana

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Lankford

Mission Statement: To promote making amazing things with the tools we have and to make a community that makers can be a part of.

Math Club

Student Representative: Jordan Pytosh

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Papakonstantinou

Mission Statement: To challenge the brightest and most passionate math interested students and inspire them to participate in monthly Texas Math League Contests and engineering events around Houston.

Model UN Club

Student Representative: Ryan Fulghum

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Balch

Mission Statement: To educate ourselves about world events and equip future world leaders with skills to properly debate and effectively write proposals for the annual Model UN Conference.

National Art Honor Society

Student Representative: Madison Carter

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Trauba and Ms. Wilcutts

Mission Statement: To inspire and recognize those students who have shown an outstanding ability in Media and Visual Arts, to strive to aid members in working toward the attainment of the highest standards in visual arts, and to bring art to the attention of the school and community.

National Honor Society

Student Representative: Matthew Leggett

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Binder

Mission Statement: To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character.

Peer Support Club

Student Representative: Sid Schornstein

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Scharff

Mission Statement: To spread information about high-risk behavior, to provide a space for open discussion, and to put forth actions to build awareness of issues affecting our community.

Philosophy Club

Student Representative: Luke Williams

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Chastain

Mission Statement: To facilitate a journey in knowing what the members believe and why.

Photo Club

Student Representative: Nicole Shanks and Sammi Snyder

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Philbrick

Mission Statement: To create a balance between the academic and arts pillars and to learn and discuss techniques to improve photography skills.

Pokemon Club

Student Representative: Sam Lee

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Lyders

Mission Statement: To show interest in anything Pokemon related.

Psychology Club

Student Representative: Hallie Byatt

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Guthrie

Mission Statement: To improve students' knowledge about psychology.

Random Acts of Kindness Club

Student Representative: Lillian Patrick, Juliette Sweeney, and Annmarie Youtt

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Perry

Mission Statement: To spread kindness and joy to others through little acts of kindness hoping it will spread.

Reading Knights of the Round Table

Student Representative: Alyssa Kapusta

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Irven and Ms. Succi

Mission Statement: To promote reading for pleasure, critical thinking, and group interaction.

Sailing Club

Student Representative: Robbie Nicholls

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Hawkins

Mission Statement: To bring EHS community members together and away from their comfort zones and to spark an interest in sailing to bring more people into the sailing community.

Science Club

Student Representative: Isabelle Goodman

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Blackburn

Mission Statement: To enrich others through student-led experiments, service projects, and hands-on learning outside the classroom.

Service From School Club

Student Representative: Mea Ayers

Faculty Sponsor: Rev. Holden

Mission Statement: To involve more students in community service with an on-campus club that actively aids local philanthropies.

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Student Representative: Kendall Ayers

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Davis and Ms. Kamal

Mission Statement: To recognize achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote an interest in Hispanic and Brazilian studies.

Soccer Club

Student Representative: Will Powell

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Weinstein

Mission Statement: To develop an appreciation for the sport and to raise an interest for those whom are enthusiastic about soccer.

Spanish Club

Student Representative: April Salazar

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Kamal

Mission Statement: To allow students to expand their knowledge of Spanish speaking, culture, and practice outside of class.

Student Alumni Council

Student Representative: Joey Streller and Sally Wade

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. McCord and Ms. Young

Mission Statement: To serve as a liaison between students and the alumni of EHS, to instill loyalty and dedication to the school, and to provide students and alumni meaningful ways to collaborate and interact while supporting EHS.

Table Tennis Club

Student Representative: Blair Barineau and Christian Betts

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Edmunds

Mission Statement: To educate about Table Tennis and to improve the skills of the members.

The River

Student Representative: Mollie Naegeli

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Brock

Mission Statement: To help create artistic opportunities for mentally and physically challenged children.

Troop for Troops

Student Representative: Tamiana Lankford-Bravo

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Houle

Mission Statement: To make a small impact in the lives of men and women who do so much for us.

Ultimate Club

Student Representative: Clayton Reid

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Drexel

Mission Statement: To promote athletics and an interest in disc-sports.

Yoga Club

Student Representative: Sophie Allan and Allison Newton

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Telford

Mission Statement: To live empowered, creative, and vibrant lives through the practices of yoga and meditation.

Young Democrats Club

Student Representative: Drew Caver and Laura Neff

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Guthrie

Mission Statement: To provide students with the tools and forum in which they can discuss the current election, politically, specifically, through a democratize lens.

Young Republicans Club

Student Representative: Jenny Perrotta

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Lerch and Ms. Perry

Mission Statement: To advocate for the Republican Party and to educate and involve youth in political action.