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SOS is run by a dedicated team of over 30 students, with the help and support of the EHS faculty. If you would like to join our team please fill out an application.

2016-2017 Executive Cabinet

Why are SOS Leaders called Ministers?

"Minister" is the word used for government leaders in the United Kingdom and in Harry Potter!

More importantly it comes from the Latin word minister, which meant Servant.

Prime Minister - Alexandra Pearson

Serving is imporant because we are given so much, and it is our opportunity for us to give back in our community.

My favorite project is Star of Hope because of the personal connections and visible difference serving and loving others makes there.

Deputy Prime Minister - Isabella Goodman

I think everyone should take the opportunities the have to help others

My favorite project is the Buddy Walk because it is a great experience getting to help out when you wouldn't usually be in the position to.

Communication Minister - Sophia Henry

I love the way service can bring our community together.

My favorite project is Race for the Cure because our community gets to work together fighting a disease that is unfortunately still prevalent.

Media Minister - Tamiana Lankford-Bravo

I'm involved in service because it is important to do what you can to make a difference in the lives of others

I love serving at The Women's Home because it's great helping women who have been through hard times get back on their feet.

Special Events Minister - Brittany Marton

Service is important because it allows us to make a difference in people's lives.

I always enjoy Challenger Football because it is really special to give these children the chance to participate in activities that we so often take for granted.

Special Events Minister - Charlotte Spector

Service is important because it requires you putting someone else before youself.

My favorite partner organization is the Nehemiah Center. I love impacting the kid's lives and seeing how much they grow with a little encouragment.

Service Projects

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