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The Student Exhibition Reception & Awards Ceremony held on November 30 was a huge success. Many EHS family, friends, and alumni walked through the exhibition spaces to view the artwork in support of our student artists. This exhibition showcases works crafted by students in photography, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, painting, and drawing.

Preparing work for an exhibition is an important part of the artistic process. Understanding that work will be seen by the community makes the artist consider the perspective of the viewer and helps them create with intention and purpose.

This exhibition is produced by students of all grade levels and creative experiences from beginning students taking their first art class to upper-level students working on college portfolios. The work embodies the complexity and simplicity of the contemporary teenage experience and the results are inspirational. Please ask the artists about their work and share with them how it affects you as a viewer. It will enhance your experience and will let them know that what they create matters.

-Kate Philbrick, Chair of Visual Arts Department

Our Judges:

Studio 2D & 3D

Guadalupe Hernandez is a Houston-based multidisciplinary artist who earned his MFA from Houston Baptist University in 2021. Hernandez was born in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, before relocating to Pleasanton, Texas, a small city south of San Antonio, in 1998. Despite moving to the United States, Hernandez maintained a deep connection to his Mexican heritage and customs through time-honored familial traditions. Hernandez’s practice examines his cultural identity by reinterpreting childhood memories and family stories connecting his past and offering greater meaning to his present. Through the use of photographic references accumulated over several years, retracing the markets, street scenes, and people of his homeland, Hernandez creates elaborate Papel Picado portraits and figurative oil paintings with gestural brushwork.


Keliy Anderson Staley is a photographic based artist currently living and working in Houston. She is an Associate Professor of Photography and Digital Media at the School of Art, University of Houston. She is a 2022 Guggenheim Fellow, a 2008 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, and a 2013 George and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation Fellow. She has received project support from multiple local and national arts foundations. In 2019, a large-scale work incorporating nineteen portraits was commissioned for Terminal 3 of Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Her work has been exhibited widely, including at the Bronx Museum of the Arts; Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago; the Printing Museum, Houston; Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, DC; Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Photography Awards:


O’Neal Harrison

Connected Family                                               

Photography Awards:    

1ST PLACE: O’Neal Harrison ’23  

Connected Family  

2ND PLACE: Hollyn Hanslik ’25   


3RD PLACE: Luna Benhamou ’26 

Woman in a Car                  


Addie Zuniga ’25               

Waldorf Astoria

McKenzie Poindexter ’25  

Little Players                        

Sloane Wallace ’25  24   

Karat Gold

Kate Malta ’25                


3D Studio Awards:


Bella Woodcox 

Going Bananas

1ST PLACE: Bella Woodcox ’25       

Going Bananas       

2ND PLACE: Rowan Vogelsang ’23 


3RD PLACE: Ellis Jordan ’26            

Bent Blossom


Reagan Moriarty ’25                        

Daily Bread

Charlotte Young ’24                         


Annika Haug ’24                            

Bottomless Bowl

Colin Bennett ’24                          

On the Wall

2D Studio Awards:


Sriya Dev

Slam Dunk

2D Studio Awards:           

1ST PLACE: Sriya Dev ’24 

Slam Dunk

2ND PLACE: Rachel Rambo ’25 

Floral Study  

3RD PLACE: Lindsey Levan ’25

Lili Pond


Lily Semakova-Cohen ’26 

The Finest China

Reagan Gabel ’24    


Lizzy Stabell ’26           

Night Reflections

Mary Kate Adkins ’25    

Pie Me a Slice