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This month's National Honor Society Induction Ceremony recognized the many EHS students who consistently bring strong performances in academics while at the same time exhibiting character, leadership, and service.

After opening remarks, new inductees from the Class of 2021 were announced. During the second half of the ceremony, seniors came up to receive their NHS stoles, which they will wear at Commencement in May. In a new tradition, grade level deans Mark Mitchell (11th) and Jess Adams (12th) called each name, and NHS co-sponsors Alex Bruton and Katheryn Ray distributed the NHS pins and stoles. (Please see the list of names below.)


Lyda Arnold
Klaudia Aronowski
Berkley Baird
Blair Barineau
Grace Beasley
Rollins Bell
Meredith Betti
Justin Broadfoot
Roslind Coats
Noah Cook
Tita Curtin
Diego Garcia-Moros
Winnie Gordon
Wilson Grant
Liam Griffin
Rachel Gudimetla
George Hafner
Alexandra Halfon
Hayden Hanslik
Claire Henry
Amelia Heymach
Nicole Hopwood
Brennan Howell
Elizabeth Hunt
Clare Jesulaitis
Cara Kennedy
Anabel Kirton
Mary Margaret Knolle
Alison Krieg
Sophia Liollio
Elaina Manalac
Ethan McAlpin
Caroline Melody
Thomas Minton
Omar Mohabbat
Anna Moise
Parker Nickerson
Quinn Ogle
Sophia Pamphilis
Nathan Reichert
Rebecca Rose
Madison Stanke
James Stewart
Amelia Traylor
Luce Tysor
Parker Vining
Jacqueline Zembek


Gannon Amendola
Maya Basra
Mateo Bastidas
Hailey Black
Victoria Kate Carlin
Carson Clingman
LJ Coady
Elena Cokinos
Sydney Coward
Jacob Dixon
Isabelle De Bruyker
Eva Del Frate
Felipe De Pinho
Gwendalyn Diaz
Bella Fayad
Max Finkelstein
Parker Forque
Jacob Robertson Giesler
Brianna Espinoza
Braden Guthrie
Marco Antonio Gutierrez
Haley Claire Hammer
Alena Haney
Camille Lauren Hanna
Alexa Hendricks
Lola Marie Herndon
Samantha Ho
Cameron Reed Hoover
Lucy Rivers Howley
Thomas Walker Jackson
Bailey Elaine Junell
Cooper Hamilton Kincannon
Nora Lawless
Elizabeth Kirby McCool II
Paul McGarry
Annelise Miller
Caton Alice Murry
Sam Newland
Gloria Ni
Annie Powell
Luke Matteo Provenzano
Jami Rassy
Mary Carol Ray
Audrey Harrison Reed
Sophia Reed
River Reinertsen-Forehand
Gwen Rippeto
Lindsay Anne Rorschach
Reid Masterson Sheppard
Jake Siegel
Keith Findley Sill
Haley Simmons
Megan Murphy Smith
Claire Spedale
Cassie Stewart
Cameron Matthew Thornton
William Turlington
Lyndon Charles Walsh
Benjamin Fredric Wasden
Emma Claire White
Cade Allen Williams
Rebecca Windle
Bria Neomie Woodard
Cimone Christine Woodard
Samantha Wotring
Helen Young