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“It is my responsibility to be the bold voice for those who have been underserved,” Mya Broughton ’23 shared. “Soon the world will be calling for Dr. Broughton.” After recounting her family’s experience with segregation and The Great Migration, Mya spoke about how she finds inspiration in their resilience and looks to tackle disparities in healthcare outcomes after graduating from Episcopal High School.  

Breylan Thompson ’24 described his earliest memories of Black History Month and dressing up as President Barack Obama at Dodson Montessori School. He went on to tell the story of a less well-known Black historical figure, Robert Smalls, a man who escaped slavery “that defied all odds to rise to power.” Mr. Smalls played an important role in the union army and ultimately went on to serve in the United States House of Representatives. 

Mr. Isaiah Coleman and Ms. Kanika Clark, faculty members on the D.I.A. steering committee, served as readers.

-Jess Adams