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EHS Onstage's first production, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (or what you will) begins streaming to audiences on Friday, November 13.

The story opens after a violent shipwreck, when Viola finds herself on the shores of Illyria, devastated by the loss of her brother Sebastian. Disguised as a boy, she finds comfort (and love) in the service of Duke Orsino. The Duke, however, is in love with Lady Olivia and sends his new servant to gain her affections. Instead of heeding the Duke's somewhat honeyed words of love, the Lady Olivia becomes enamored with his servant, the disguised Viola. Hijinx and hilarity ensue as Oliva's uncle Sir Toby and his band of merry pranksters turn the house upside down and traumatize Olivia's steward Malvolio.

This story of loss, longing and love, all set during a time of plague, brings all the elements of joy and the merriment that comes with a classic William Shakespeare comedy.

Please go to to watch on Friday, November 13, and through the Thanksgiving holidays, at your convenience.