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In the Scholastic Art Awards 100th year of competition, 62 EHS students won 71 awards in eight different fine arts disciplines. From the Scholastic website, “The Awards were founded in 1923 and for nearly a century have inspired bold ideas in creative teens throughout the country.” At EHS this year, 13 students won 15 gold keys, 17 students won 19 silver keys, and 32 students won 37 Honorable Mentions.  The 13 gold key winners will now enter the national competition. EHS students were recognized in the following disciplines:  photography, sculpture, mix media, drawing, painting, printmaking, film and animation, and ceramics. 

Please see the listing of winners and categories below.

13 students won 15 Gold Keys:

Mya Broughton '23 won 2 Gold Keys for Photography.

Jules Weinstein '24 won 2 Gold Keys for Photography.


17 students won 19 Silver Keys: 

Sarah-Margaret Hill '24 won 2 Silver Keys for Photography

Jules Weinstein '24 won 2 Silver Keys for Photography


32 students won 37 Honorable Mentions:

Mya Broughton ’23 won 2 HMs for Photography 

Adam Choi '25 won 2 HMs for Photography 

Sarah Margaret Hill '24 won 3 HMs for Photography 

Maddox Miner '24 won 2 HMs for Photography 


Students who won awards in multiple categories:

Jules Weinstein- 2 Gold Keys,  2 Silver Keys (Photo)

Mya Broughton- 2 Gold Keys, 2 HMs (Photo)

Lila Henningsen- 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key (Photo)

Ella Marino - 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key (Painting)

McKenna Foteh- 1 Gold Key, 1 HM (Photo)

Isabelle Massaro- 1 Gold Key, 1 HM (Film & Anim.)

Sarah Margaret Hill- 2 Silver Keys, 3 HMs (Photo) 

Maddox Miner- 1 Silver Key2 HMs (Photo)

Adam Choi- 2 HMs (Photo)



7 Gold Keys

9 Silver Keys

24 Honorable Mentions


3 Gold Keys

4 Silver Keys

2 Honorable Mentions


Mix Media 

2 Gold Keys

2 Silver Keys

5 Honorable Mentions



1 Honorable Mention


1 Gold Key

2 Silver Keys

2 Honorable Mentions



1 Gold Key

1 Honorable Mention


Film & Anim. 

1 Gold Key

2 Silver Keys

1 Honorable Mention



1 Honorable Mention


Please see the list of student winners below.


GOLD KEYS: 15 Awards 13 Students

Elle Abaza ‘23            Sculpture            Ready to Fly

Callahan Baker ’24     Mix Media          Copenhagen

Leiah Begg ’26            Photo                 First Roll

Mya Broughton ’23      Photo                 50 Yard Line

Mya Broughton ’23      Photo                 It’s a Business Trip

McKenna Foteh ’24      Photo                 Lady in Pearls

Reagan Gabel ’24       Sculpture            Looking Through the Beehive

Lila Henningsen ’23     Photo                 Feast or Famine

Ella Marino’23             Painting              Reflected Lights

Isabelle Massaro ’24   Film & Anim.      The Coffee Order

Reagan Moriarty ’25    Sculpture            Daily Bread

Lily Semakova ’26       Mix Media          The Finest China

Jules Weinstein ’24      Photo                 Dancing

Jules Weinstein ’24      Photo                 Mirror Mirror

Lucy Katz ’24               Printmaking        Lion King


SILVER KEYS: 19 Awards 17 Students

Zach Berlin ’25                Sculpture            Grandma’s House

Mya Broughton ’23           Photo                 The Huddle

Emma Freeman ’25          Photo                The Space in Between

Lila Henningsen ’23             Photo              Served

Sarah Margaret Hill ’24        Photo            Never Forget

Sarah Margaret Hill ’24        Photo              Below

Lindsey Levan ’25            Mix Media        Tea-Time

Ella Marino ’23            Painting                  Midnight City

Maddox Miner ’24      Photo                   Red Shouldered Hawk

Parker Moore ’24        Painting              Cave Catastrophe

Sophie Shapiro ’24      Film & Anim.      A Letter to Nonnie

Henry Smith ’24          Sculpture              Windy Wires

Lizzy Stabell ’26           Mix Media         Night Reflections

Jules Weinstein ’24     Photo                      Ballet

Jules Weinstein ’24     Photo                    Dance

Anayla Wilson ’23       Film & Anim.        Art Class

Gigi Wong ’25              Sculpture        The Luck of the Deck

Bella Woodcox ’25      Sculpture           Going Bananas

Addie Zuniga ’25        Digital Art               MONUMENT X 4


HONORABLE MENTIONS: 37 Awards 32 Students

Mary Kate Adkins ’25  Mix Media          Pie Me a Slice

Audrey Black ’23         Mix Media          In-Focus

Mya Broughton ’23     Photo                 Freshmen

Mya Broughton ’23     Photo                 Mid-Air

Gabrielle Canfield ’24  Painting              Submerged

James Carter ’23         Mix Media          Ranger

Adam Choi ’25            Photo                 Done

Adam Choi ’25            Photo                 Abandoned

Libby Davis ’25            Photo                 Door

Sriya Dev ’24               Sculpture            Colorful Edges

McKenna Foteh ’24     Photo                 Sage

Maddie Gonzalez ’26  Sculpture            Birthday Wish

O’Neal Harrison ’23    Photo                 Connected Family

Annika Haug ’24          Printmaking        Under the Sea

Blake Hearn ’26           Photo                 Free Time

Lila Henningsen ’23     Photo                 Why So Serious

Sarah Margaret Hill ’24        Photo        Cheetahs

Sarah Margaret Hill ’24        Photo        Late Afternoon

Sarah Margaret Hill ’24        Photo        Entrance

Karissa House ’25              Mix Media       Paris

Lila Humphrey ’25                Photo        One Wing Standish

Isabella Massaro ’24   Film & Anim.      Date Night

Eva Misso ’25                       Photo        Snowy Egret

Maddox Miner ’24               Photo        Red Tailed Hawk

Maddox Miner ’24               Photo        Pollinator

Claire Murray ’25                 Photo        Sky Reflections

Elizabeth Randall ’24       Mix Media          Fight Knight

Craig Ringwald ’26      Photo                 Picture Me

Dylan Shen ’26            Photo                 NYC

Adrienne Smith ’26     Photo                 Phone Frame

Sydney Smith ’23        Photo                 Pieces of Natalee

Kyra Spears ’26            Photo                 Soccer Mates

Cati Stabell ’25            Drawing              Garden Path

Chloe Styles ’24            Painting              Calla Lily            

Vivian Turbidy ’25           Photo               Reaching the Limit

Julia Turner ’23                Photo                   Divine Light

Rowan Vogelsang ’23     Ceramics            Colander