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On May 1, at an off-campus awards reception, Lily Semakova-Cohen '26 placed Top 10 in the 2023 Congressional Art Show for District 7 for her collage The Finest China, which she created in Lauren Cunningham's Mixed Media class. That means Lily's artwork (along with the other finalist artworks) will hang on display in Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher's office for a year!

This is the third year in a row that EHS students have placed Top 10 in this art show: Clare Bogart '24 in 2022 (EHS article here), and Elizabeth Minton '22 in 2021 (EHS article here).

Lily talks about her technique, her inspiration. and the meaningfulness of the award below:

“The Finest China depicts many intricate vases with many different styles, and in those vases are many different types of colorful flowers. Using an exacto knife, many bright colored pieces of paper, and reference photos, I was able to put my ideas together to create this artwork. My inspiration came from my grandma. She has her own garden at home, and she cares and loves every plant she grows. My Russian culture also inspired me, because my family is a big collector of porcelain objects and bowls that are similar to those in my collage. I believe that the dedication, effort, and love I put in this collage makes it a remarkable piece.

"It meant a lot to me to win such a high award, especially since it is my first year in high school, and I have already accomplished something I am proud of! It makes me believe that I can pursue my art talents and maybe even influence others to do what they love. I was very grateful to meet Congresswoman Fletcher. She is a kind, influential woman who loves art.” 

Congratulations Lily. EHS is proud of you!