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Olivia Forque '23 was notified this month that her artwork has been selected to be part of a teen show at the Contemporary Arts Museum. The show is titled “Where Do We Go From Here?” Her work will be on view at CAMH from February 16 through July 2. There will be an opening reception on February 16 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. 

Olivia, a potential career artist, says this recognition motivates her. "Being recognized at this level gives me the confidence to further explore and build on a potential career in the arts. 

Studio Arts Instructor Sharon Willcutts wrote the following after watching Olivia's creative process take shape. "In my 30-plus years teaching art, I have never witnessed such a drastic change in a student’s creative process. Olivia, under five feet tall, who previously created small, predictable, photo-realistic pencil drawings, scaled it up to 4’x6’ stylized facial features depicting menacing, cartoon eyes, in brilliant colors and bold black contours complete with long lashes. One of Olivia’s best features. I had the pleasure of witnessing this petite young lady dive into her drawings, cutting, tearing, and pasting patterns as she added and subtracted imagery completely consumed in the creative process. Olivia found her voice! The best gift a teacher could ask for."

Congratulations, Olivia! What an accomplishment.

-Jessica Morales