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In what has become a high school rite of passage, each year approximately 1.6 million sophomores throughout the U.S. take the PSAT and become eligible for recognition via the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test program.

When the program recently announced results for 2020, one EHS senior, Quinn Ogle, was named a Finalist and awarded an NMSQT college scholarship. Finalists are those who have scored in the top 1 percent of all sophomores who took the test in 2018.

Eleven seniors were also designated as Commended students, having scored in the top 5 percent of students:

Will Arntzen

Pola Aronowski

Berkeley Baird

Rosalind Coats

Noah Cook

Claire Henry

Amelia Heymach

Ethan McAlpin

Sophia Pamphilis

Derrick Perillo

Aidan Stewart

Three EHS seniors were also named National Hispanic Scholars, scoring in the top 2.5 percent of Hispanic and Latino test-takers in our region:

Alexandra I Halfon

Amelia M. Heymach

Sophia J. Pamphilis

Congratulations to all these Class of 2020 students for their outstanding academic performance.