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A key foundation to the mission of Episcopal High School is preparing students for meaningful lives in service to others. During Interim Term 2022, our seniors devoted their time and service to help more than two dozen organizations in the Greater Houston area, including Small Steps, Mosaic in Action, Houston Food Bank, and Buffalo Bayou Park.

This year's Senior Outreach paved the way for the School to make new community partners and for students to volunteer in multiple locations throughout the day. "While the pandemic prevented many of our normal outreach partners from hosting our volunteers, new volunteer experiences were identified, and our model adapted," said Senior Outreach Director Mike Donnelly.

"Historically, our seniors volunteered at one site for eight days. This year all but 42 students helped at multiple sites, giving our students a range of experiences," added Donnelly. "This endeavor was a success due to everyone realizing the obstacles in our path and deciding to step up and overcome them. I could not be prouder of our seniors and faculty. I believe everyone involved feels that they made a difference and a had a meaningful experience."

Senior Outreach allows students to serve others and gives them the chance to learn more about themselves, foster relationships with their peers, and deepen their understanding of the surrounding community.

"Working and serving with the kids at Small Steps has forever changed my heart, and being able to help, watch them learn and grow so much in such a short time was an incredible experience," shared Senior Sophia Butler '22.

Senior Jasmine Greene '22 noted feeling inspired by the hard work and dedication at each site she visited. "I got the opportunity to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank, ReStore at South Loop, and two of the Mosaic in Action sites. I enjoyed learning about how much these organizations do for our community and getting an opportunity to contribute. Serving these organizations reminded me of how fortunate I am and reminded me of how much I can do for my community."

Senior Outreach is a fundamental piece of Interim Term. We want to commend all the seniors for their hard work and thank faculty and staff for their dedication to Senior Outreach 2022.

–Jessica Morales