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In February more than 3,000 students, from more than 500 area high schools, competed in the Texas Art Education Association Visual Arts Scholastic Event, also known as the VASE competition.

The Studio Arts program is proud to announce that out of 12 EHS students who participated, the group brought home 14 regional medals earning top scores of "4."

Students are allowed to submit only two works. During the competition, they meet one-on-one with a judge to defend the merits of their artwork and explain their creative process. Sophia Liollio (whose painting, Dripped, is featured in news headline) and Sam Randall will advance to the state competition on April 24-25.

Medalists earning high scores of 3:

Ella Marino – Lake View – Painting

Will Citizen – View Through Trees - Painting

Medalists earning top scores of 4 with honors:

Chandler Black – Prairie View - Painting

Kathryn Bragg – Not Vegan and Skull Study - Drawing

Giulia Calabrese – City of Stone - Drawing

Jackie Canfield – Self-Portrait - Drawing

Sophia Liollio – Eat Me - Painting

Anna Moise – Trophy Wife and Judgement - Sculpture

Miller Zaleski – Still-life with Shell – Painting

Medalists earning top scores of 4 with honors and advancing to State VASE competition

Sophia Liollio – Dripped – Painting

Sam Randall – Lily Pond - Drawing