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Students Explore Arts Pillar during Annual Freshman Arts Day

The 11th Annual Freshman Arts Day allowed ninth-grade students to explore more than 20 class offerings across the Arts Pillars during Interim Term 2022.

Freshman Arts Day was a day full of excitement, learning, and creativity. The campus tradition is aimed at helping students make informed decisions regarding their fine arts experience at EHS. "We hope they'll try something new, find a course they want to take during their four years with us, and experience the diversity of course choices they can explore within the EHS Arts Pillar," says Dean of Arts and Innovation Dr. Jay Berckley.

In addition, Freshman Arts Day provides students a chance to connect with their peers and other faculty early in their educational duration at EHS. "What I enjoy about Arts Day is getting to meet and work with students I would never have the chance to meet otherwise and exposing them to the creative things we do every day," says moviemaking and animation teacher Pejman Milani.

The course selection this year was based on students' interests in various aspects of the performing and visual arts. Courses offered included introductory level lessons in dance, music, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and much more. Lauren Cunningham, who led the quilling class, noticed many students were happy to explore new artistic methods. "All of my students wanted to take their project home, and I can tell they were proud of what they made," says Cunningham.

Aside from having fun, Arts Day historically is intended to be a meaningful experience for students that fosters community engagement and gives them an in-depth perspective into the world of arts. David Framel, who teaches broadcast journalism, English III, newspaper, and yearbook, enjoys Arts Day because it broadens students' horizons. "The arts faculty want students to engage in activities that showcase the 'real-world' value of the arts, which includes creativity, confidence, collaboration, and accountability," says Framel.

–Lauren West