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Advancing Educational Technology at EHS

EHS makes a constant effort to look for the most up-to-date educational technologies. With an experienced tech team led by Director of Educational Technology, Kyle Sumrow, our Knights appreciate a curriculum that takes full advantage of our one-to-one laptop program.

EHS is one of the newest members of the Southeast Texas GigaPop (SETG), a consortium of higher education institutions including Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, and the University of Houston, among many others that provide an ultra-high-speed internet connection. EHS is the first and only private K-12 school in Texas to be accepted into the consortium. The School went from 1.6 Gbps to 11 Gbps for nearly the same cost. This gives us the fastest internet speed among private schools in Texas for all our ventures at EHS.

This year, the Technology Department rolled out Clever, a new EHS Student Launchpad. It's a one-stop-shop for digital resources the students need on any given day. Clever remembers all the passwords students need and logs students into many of these resources automatically. This application has simplified students' lives by putting all the links for classes onto one simple launchpad page. Teachers can add links and resources to their students' launchpads without adding anything to other students' pages. In short, Clever has taken the complexity out of the systems and put them all in one place.

The Student Technology Council is a new club led by Kyle Sumrow and Computer Science Teacher, Alan Duncan. The club meets once a month to plan weekly lunchtime activities for students, faculty, and staff. The students will decide on collaborative projects (pending approval) like homemade rocket launches, coding stations, games, paper circuits to light up LED lights, the 10-minute design challenge, and problem-solving challenges.

Additionally, Tech will finish up its weather station and launch it into sub-orbital space! Students will launch the weather station and video the trip into outer space.

Technology helps in the Arts as well. When Mr. Ashby (the EHS Choir Director) turns the page on his iPad, the ForScore app allows him to control the students' page-turning as well. This ensures that a student will always be in the right place while singing along with a piece.