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Beyond Speaking and Writing: Creative Projects in Latin

The Latin program, led by Kyle Sanders, has challenged students in creative projects this fall. They have worked on archaeological site reports, Latin children's stories, campaign posters, travelogues, and real estate listings, among others.

The students have been creative and excited to mix up their World Language learning in this course.

In Latin I, John William Ray '25 gave very meticulously researched presentations on ancient olive oil production, the engineering behind naval simulations in the Colosseum, and Roman bathing culture.

In Latin II, Libby Scholtes '24 translated "Three Little Pigs" into Latin. Her version was elegant in its simplicity and use of paratactic clauses.

Susannah Rosof '24 and Ally Frailey '24 made a Tic Toc video about Latin grammar review that was very catchy and involved lots of clever editing.

In Latin III, Evelina Tcherniak '23 worked on translating a Russian fable into Latin.

Robert Irwin '23 regaled classmates with the architectural design and mythology behind the Trevi fountain. He also worked on a campaign poster for Julius Caesar which included a slogan, campaign platform, and graphic design relevant to Caesar's life.