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Bishop Doyle Speaks to Faithful Parenting

Bishop Andy Doyle spoke at this month's Parent Forum to a rapt crowd of EHS mothers, fathers, faculty, and staff.

Bishop Doyle, who is the father of EHS alumna Caisa '15, and current senior Zoe, said that we have to look at parenting in the context of a rapidly changing culture that includes the end of unprogrammed leisure and the evolving world of technology and family systems.

Even factors such as the economy, community spaces, and politics frame our views on how to raise children and care for their emotional, physical, and intellectual needs.

Within all this change, there are basic Christian values and beliefs that hold true and that can provide structure and guidance. While Bishop Doyle didn't provide easy answers for successful parenting, he did offer a few suggestions:

  • Model a faith-filled life.
  • Slow down and have the difficult conversations.
  • Handle your own imperfections.
  • Think of yourself as a good coach who can motivate children to achieve their personal best.
  • Avoid coloring comments with disappointment, even when a child has failed or made a mistake.

In closing, Bishop Doyle reminded the audience that they are not only shaping their own children, they are shaping future generations.