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Arts Day Dazzles Freshman Class

On Wednesday, October 16, the entire freshman class participated in Arts Day EHS, an exciting annual event. During the half-day schedule, students rotated through four different arts courses on campus, including ceramics, music, film, dance, painting, and photography. No previous experience was necessary, and no matter what background in arts the students had, the event unlocked creative potential and encouraged students to explore a new passion.

Says Dean of Arts Jay Berckley, PhD, "Arts Day was a success for many reasons: the community was able to celebrate a variety of creative and ambitious artistic initiatives from the entire class of 2023; it was a bold plan, executed brilliantly by the Arts Pillar faculty; and most of all: we had a total blast! We couldn't be happier, and plans are already afoot for next year. Many thanks to the participants who made the day so special!"

Students and faculty/staff who were surveyed after Arts Day shared a few comments below:

  • "My daughter came home having had so much fun and so enthusiastic about the arts offerings at EHS!"
  • "What I enjoyed the most was being able to connect with students that I hadn't yet met and share my passion for arts education."
  • "At Episcopal you are given so many different options of classes and courses from sports, to arts, to academics and you are not always able to try all of them, so this helped get a little introduction to all the arts programs. I went into broadcasting not thinking I was going to enjoy it, but little did I know I would be thinking about doing it next year!"

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