EHS Faculty Stand Out

Episcopal High School is renowned for dynamic faculty who nurture the potential in their students while at the same time polishing their own gifts as writers, artists, and leaders in diverse fields. Over the summer, a few EHS faculty members--the Religion Department's Phuc Luu and Studio Arts instructors Lauren Cunningham and Sharon Willcutts--showed what it means to say #KnightsStandOut.

Religion Teacher Phuc Luu – Book, Jesus of the East

In this provocative book, Jesus of the East: Reclaiming the Gospel for the Wounded, Religion Department teacher Phuc Luu offers a counter-narrative to Western Christianity. Pulling from the tradition of the early Eastern church, contemporary theologians of the oppressed, and Luu's own experiences as a Vietnamese immigrant, Jesus of the East offers a transformative vision for healing the world.

Luu's publisher, Herald Press, says, "For those living in the land between pain and hope, Luu's words will renew our imaginations and draw us closer to the heart of God."

Studio Arts Teacher Lauren Cunningham - Sculpture, Toothpick Tree

Last spring, as classes pivoted to remote learning, Studio Arts teacher Lauren Cunningham taught a toothpick unit with her sculpture class, featuring national artist Wayne Kusy, that was featured in the digital Spring Pillars Magazine. After school ended, she decided it was time to create her own toothpick masterpiece.

"While experimenting with toothpicks, I realized I could link two together by drilling a hole in one and inserting the point of the other into the hole," says Cunningham. "This discovery led me to create the tree form. I used this linking process to create the tree's branches from the points of toothpicks."

Cunningham's Toothpick Tree is currently on display at the Foundry Art Centre's exhibit "Global Impact: The Weight of Covid" in St. Louis. The group exhibition, with works from artists throughout the U.S., explores the impact of COVID-19 on art-making. The show is on virtual display here, and Cunningham's sculpture is Slide 16.

Studio Arts Teacher Sharon Willcutts - Painting, Cough

Each year, the National Arts Education Association hosts a member exhibition for visual arts educators throughout the country. This year, NAEA received a record-breaking 614 submissions, double the number from 2019. A panel of eight judges selected 92 works to be included in the exhibit, and one of those works was a colorful painting, Cough, by Studio Arts teacher Sharon Willcutts.

In response to this year's COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition transitioned to a complete virtual event. The Virtual Gallery is available for viewing here. The works are displayed in alphabetical order, and Willcutts' painting is #86.