Finding Passion through Opportunity

Amelia Traylor is a Renaissance woman, possessing many talents and interests. She takes a significant course load, spends hours stage managing EHS Onstage productions and student-directed one acts, serves as an acolyte captain in Chapel, sits on our student admissions committee Knight Ambassadors, and dabbles in photography.

Growing up with a mother who was a professional dancer and a grandfather who sold guitars for a living, Traylor has always been exposed to performing arts. Since she was little, Traylor was encouraged to delve into dancing or acting. Acting was never her strong suit, but when she started Episcopal, she learned about stage management and discovered it was right up her alley. During freshman year, when a friend of Traylor's was cast in a student-directed one act play and didn't want to participate alone, Traylor stepped up to be her stage manager. "Boy, am I glad she invited me to join. Ever since, I've been hooked," says Traylor.

Since that initial life-changing experience, she has participated in 12 productions ranging from plays, musicals, to dance concerts. "I absolutely love stage management and technical theater. I get to be in a world that I love without having to get on a stage. I'm a bit of a control freak, so stage management plays to my strong suits. In fact, Mr. Revaz and Mr. Brock often have to calm my storms of organization."

Traylor loves seeing a production come to life, from the bare bones when there isn't even a set until the magic of opening night. She feels gratified seeing audience members exit the theatre with mesmerized looks on their faces. "I love being a part of what people see as theatre magic when, in reality, it's a bunch of people working behind the scenes." One of her favorite things is seeing a scene come together for the first time with all the lights, music, and moving parts.

Even though she's not a performer, theater has improved her confidence. As a dyslexic, she struggled with speech as a child, making public speaking a challenge. Stage managing and being a part of so many rehearsals has turned Traylor into a better speaker.

In addition to a rigorous academic load and theatre responsibilities, she became an acolyte captain, carrying the second cross in Chapel. "Being an acolyte made me more present in Chapel and appreciate that time more. It's a way I can serve others doing something I enjoy."

As a Knight Ambassador, Traylor helps the Admissions Department court new students. She has connected with the other ambassadors and especially Associate Admissions Director Ayesha Spooner. "My sophomore year, Mrs. Spooner said something I'll never forget: Leave others better than when you found them. I'd say that's become my own personal motto."

Traylor's interests in photography started on her 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C., where she photographed the tour for the yearbook. "I loved that I could capture a moment and freeze it in time forever." Once she got to EHS, she took Beginning Photo and as many photo classes as she could schedule. Her favorite photography class is Photo J, because she scouts locations and preserves the joy of being on campus.

"Through all of its classes and extracurriculars, EHS has helped me hone who I am," Traylor sums up. "Now I can go to college a smarter and more realized person."

--Emma Tsai

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