Food Service Presents Locally Sourced Produce

EHS Food Service is committed to providing the best dining experience a private school can have, says Food Service Director Susana Borges-Pasini. "In our continuous effort to improve our offerings," she says, "we have partnered with a non-profit regional food distributor called 'The Common Market' that offers locally sourced produce from sustainable family farms in the Texas region."

With this addition, Food Service will provide fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for all to enjoy at lunch, and in turn support the many local family-owned farms that are making a positive contribution to our community and overall health.

As of this month during lunch, the EHS community will be able to enjoy these fresh offerings in the salad bar, entrée line, and in different recipes to be added to the menu.

Food Service will be sending out info about the farmers and what seasonal fruit or vegetable will be showcased during that particular season.

Please feel free to ask Susana Borges-Pasini about this new partnership, or read about "The Common Market" at their website here.

Here's to good food and good health!