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Interim Term 2022: Something for Every Knight

Interim Term electives are back, giving students a chance to try hands-on activities like cooking and arts, explore sports from a more analytical view, learn practical skills like money management, knitting, and sewing, as well as get a preview of subjects that might push them in a particular direction in college or professionally like medicine.

In the arts, students examined costume design, printmaking, creative writing, stage combat, and graffiti art, all hands-on courses that gave students a chance to try several different courses in the arts. Courses like knitting, sewing, cooking, and dance have awakened new hobbies and interests in students, or given students a chance to try something they have always wanted to be haven't yet had the opportunity to do.

While many of our students are active in the Athletics pillar, Interim Term has always featured courses that allow students to analyze a sport, like baseball stats or football play design, in addition to a course that features women in sports and gives girls a comfortable avenue to try out the weight room.

Cultural courses have also been popular and include everything from rock music to Chinese or Brazilian culture to film to board games. In this way, Interim Term really does have something for every kind of student.

Every Interim Term elective course concluded with a culminating project that allowed students to practice the skills or knowledge they learned while enrolled in the electives. Some of the projects completed this year include a ramen cookoff contest where students turned ramen into something more than a fast meal, choreographing and filming stage combat in the theatre, table-top game design with a proposal and pitch, presenting a patient's maladies to the class as if the class was a medical team, product marketing, and a black and white linocut that will be framed and displayed on campus.