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A Note From New Educational Technology Director

EHS Parents:

My name is Anthony (Tony) DePrato, and I am the new Director of Educational Technology here at EHS. I am very excited to begin this chapter in my career. Over the next year, I will be engaging students, teachers, and parents to help shape the vision of the technology landscape at EHS.

Many parents have expressed interest in knowing more about the current state of digital citizenship, security, and privacy here at EHS. Each of these areas are outlined below.

Student Laptop and Online Security

Student laptops have special settings to help prevent access to some content. Student laptops have a combination of mobile device management (MDM), firewall, and domain name service (DNS) configurations.

These settings are very effective on-campus. Off-campus, the settings do work, but they can be circumvented. EHS students have permission to install software they need, and this access also enables them to circumvent certain security features.

It is possible to employ options at home to help maintain content restrictions. This information can be provided in an information session or detailed document.

Student Laptop Privacy

Student laptops can be accessed by the Department of Technology at any time while on-campus. Access off-campus is possible, but limited. A student's personal data is currently not captured and read. The data the school is capturing is specific to the student laptop configuration and installed software.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is not specifically being taught as a curriculum. The tenants of Digital Citizenship are embedded in other programs. For instance, the Advisory Program and Chapel Program reinforce the need to treat one another with respect, and the use empathy to tempter impulsive actions.The Department of Educational Technology is reviewing strategies to integrate Digital Citizenship into other aspects of school life.The premier Digital Citizenship resource for schools and families is Common Sense Media ( Parents are encouraged to review this resource to help reinforce the best practices EHS is promoting.

Educational Technology Information Session

If you would be interested in attending one or more EdTech Info Sessions, please use the provided link and QR below and complete the form. Topics will be planned based-on community interest.

You may also email individual questions to the Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Anthony DePrato-

Yours in Learning,

Anthony DePrato