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Letter from Freshman Dean Eric Lerch

Dear Freshman Parents:

We are so excited to have your family as a part of this incredible community. As we conclude these first weeks together, it is strange to think that it was just days ago when the Class of 2023 arrived on Sunday morning for Freshman Retreat. Today, as I walk the halls to see joyful faces and boisterous conversation, we are so pleased that they are starting to feel at home in their new surroundings. I have received so many positive comments from faculty and staff members about the enthusiasm and engagement of the new students, and we are looking forward to an amazing year with this group.

In monitoring your child's transition into life at EHS, we are looking at their academic progress, extracurricular involvement, and social interactions. First, for academics, you can view your student's course grades online in My BackPack. However, please note that, early in the year, there may be some volatility in these numbers until enough grades are put into the system. Next, encourage your child to get involved in after school activities. Some fall sports are still taking new athletes, and preseason activities for some winter sports will begin in a few weeks. Opportunities in the arts have been and will continue to be communicated to the students. Our community service organization, Students of Service, is already hosting projects. Finally, we hope your student is making new friends at EHS. Not only are extracurricular activities meaningful endeavors, but they are also a great way to meet people and build relationships. We are continuing to observe the social transition of the 9th graders, but please let us know if you have any specific concerns.

One valuable resource for your children throughout their time at Episcopal is their Advisor. In addition to having an Advisory session every Tuesday morning, students will see their Advisors everyday as they sit together for Chapel. Students are encouraged to see their Advisors if they have any concerns about anything school related. As the Advisor gets to know your student better, you are encouraged to reach out to him/her to discuss his/her experience at EHS. As the Grade Level Dean, I am always available by email or phone if you have questions or concerns. We are fortunate to have a new Assistant Grade Level Dean, Ashley Saunders, who will provide support for the 9th and 10th grades. She may also be in communication with you during the course of the year. We have provided contact information for other student support personnel here, and below you will find "Fast Facts" for new parents.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help your child discover and develop their individual talents through the Four Pillars. Welcome to Episcopal High School!


Eric Lerch

9th Grade Dean

Fast Facts for Freshman Parents

Attendance: Who do I contact when my student is sick or needs to leave for a doctor's visit?

Parents must notify the Attendance Desk of any absences by 8:00 a.m., communicating with our Attendance Secretary Mrs. Maureen Myers either via email to or telephone at (713) 512-3407. If your student knows he or she will miss more than one day of school for any reason, he or she should pick up a Planned Absence Form from the Attendance Desk to be signed by the teachers and returned before leaving.


Tutorials are held for 45 minutes following the last class each day except Wednesday.Your student's teachers will be available to answer questions and provide additional assistance during this time.In order to facilitate your child's attendance, please consider not picking up your child until this period ends, which is 4:00 p.m. on regular schedule days and 3:30 p.m. on block schedule days.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Cell phones are allowed to be used during break times in the school day but may not be used in the classroom unless specifically authorized by the teacher. Any abuse of digital imaging will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, and digital imaging is absolutely forbidden at any time in private areas, such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and dressing areas. Violations of these policies with subject students to disciplinary penalties. Please see pages 70-71 in the Student Handbook for more details about these policies.

Formal Uniform

For special occasions, students are required to wear their formal uniform to school. However, we will not accept uniforms brought to school by parents if their child forgets to wear the proper formal uniform. Students who forget to wear their formal uniform on the assigned day will be required to wear it on the following school day. Information about the formal uniform can be found on page 63 of the Student Handbook, and the tentative schedule for Formal Uniform Days are on the calendar on pages 9-12.

Freshman Service Day

A critical event in the integration of new students into our community is Freshman Service Day on Saturday, September 21st. The 9th graders will spend the morning working together at the Houston Food Bank to help those in need. More information about this event will be forthcoming, but please mark your calendars for this important event.

EHS Handbook Signature Page

During the first week of school, students received a copy of EHS Student Handbook from their Advisors. We ask that you sign the first page of the Handbook and have your child return it to their Advisor no later than September 6th. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this step.

Parental Involvement

Parents are always encouraged to participate in the activities and functions at EHS. By volunteering or participating, you not only become a part of your student's experience, but also the fabric of the community. Check the school website and mark the dates of events you plan to attend.