Note from Principal Kim Randolph Re: Registration and Appeals

Dear EHS Parents:

All parents will receive a message on Monday, March 25, with placement information for their students. Students will be informed of these placements by their advisors on Tuesday, March 26. They may choose either to accept the faculty's recommendations or to appeal a placement for one of two reasons. Students involved in many activities may feel that they have been placed in too many honors classes, and they may choose to appeal out of an honors placement. Other students may believe that they are qualified for an honors course for which they were not recommended, and they may choose to appeal into an honors course. We encourage parents to counsel with their students about the choices that will be best for them.

Concurrent with the appeals process, students will be meeting individually with their advisors to work out a list of courses that meet graduation requirements and reflect the student's individual elective preferences. Please review the Course Registration Guide with your child, and note there are a number of new and exciting course offerings. A copy of the student's registration form will be sent home for your signature and is due back to the advisor on April 9, 2019.

A student who decides to appeal a placement recommendation should follow the online links here. Note that the deadline for appeals is April 9, 2019. Please note that a student must have an A or an A- in the current year's course to appeal into an honors course in a particular discipline, but that an A or A- does not guarantee honors placement. In addition, appeals for honors courses in English, history, or a world language will require an in-class writing assignment to be administered on April 16, 17, and 18, respectively.

It should be noted that students who are currently taking an honors course are expected to maintain a grade of B- or better in order to remain in the next level of the honors program in that discipline.

The Department Chairs will review all appeals, in consultation with the Principal, and let the students know the results after May 1. Should an appeal be accepted, registrations will be changed automatically to reflect the new placement.

Yours truly,
Kim Randolph, Principal