New Edition of "Light & Shadow" Unveiled in Chapel Today

The School's award-winning literary and arts publication Light & Shadow was unveiled during Chapel this morning, Monday, May 3. To watch the 2021 virtual presentation of this year's edition, titled "To Set The Sun," please click here.

Hillary Houle's Advanced Creative Writing class edits each year's publication, and the students promise that once again, the quality of poetry and narratives is top-notch. Visual artists contribute photography, paintings, and photos curated by Kate Philbrick, Visual Arts chair.

The virtual edition is available here for anyone who could not watch this morning or who wants to read through it online.

For 10 straight years, "Light & Shadow" has earned a superior ranking from the National Council of Teachers of English. Congratulations to EHS student writers and artists, as well as Mrs. Houle and Mrs. Philbrick for more than a decade of outstanding collaboration.