Senior Events are Scheduled
Dear Students and Parents of the Senior Class of 2021,

Thank you for being so patient waiting on an announcement regarding year-end functions for our Senior Class of 2021. Teachers and administrators have met numerous times, as have parents on the YEES Committee, to evaluate the list of senior activities that is customarily on our slate for any EHS senior class in a "normal" school year. Working within the constraints and limitations we have adopted to keep our students on campus during this pandemic, we have identified many events that, with a little modification, can be safely conducted and where quality can be assured. From the onset, we felt it was important to also gather input from our students, which was done via survey and interviewing class leaders. In addition, we believed it was just as important for us to be as patient as you have been by waiting to see if the conditions on campus and in the Houston community improved enough to impact our decisions. As we have moved closer to the finish line, the options have become clearer, and our plans have become more refined.

Please find a schedule of the senior events below:

March 8 - Senior Retreat – Camp Allen

April 18 - Senior Style Show

April 23 - Senior Trustee Breakfast

April 24 - Prom 2.0, Senior Concert/Movie Knight

May 7 - Senior Tribute Chapel

May 7 - Senior Skip Day – after Senior Tribute Chapel

May 15 - Leaving Tree

May 15 - Baccalaureate – virtual

May 16 - Commencement

We are excited about these events which will allow our seniors to reflect on and celebrate their high school experiences over the past four years. While there still may be programming nuances, logistical issues to work out, and weather to worry about, we are committed to this lineup. Through the YEES committee, there will be appropriate opportunities for our parents to plan, organize, and contribute their time and resources to these events. Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,

Kim Randolph