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Students Gain Insight into Professional Woodworking

On September 10, students in Sculpture classes witnessed woodworking on a large, elaborate scale at the Woodworking Show of Texas. Displays included exotic wood species, professional tools, and precision machinery. Cristian Munoz '22 said, "I enjoyed seeing how people use wood for things like knife handles and golf putters, to art."

In addition to highlighting the many possibilities for working with wood, the field trip was also a hands-on experience. The Woodworker's Club of Houston helped students assemble birdhouses and turned wood on lathes. "The birdhouse was super fun to make, and I will put it up at my house," said Sophia Perwien '23. On the lathes, students turned wood blanks to create pens. "We had to sand it [the wood], shape it, and then polish it," explained Cristian Munoz '22.

Sculpture teacher Lauren Cunningham was touched by how much the students appreciated the communal aspect of the show. Whit Robertson '22 shared, "I enjoyed talking with [everyone]. I learned that there is a community of woodworkers that is passionate and driven." Cunningham hopes that by meeting people who have devoted years to perfect their craft, students will be inspired in the classroom and beyond.