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EHS Chorale Students Receive Silver Award from the Royal School of Church Music

The Performing Arts Department is pleased to announce that Kate and Leah Teagarden '22 have earned the Silver award from the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) for their dedication and excellence in choir singing. The silver medals are a point of prestige and distinction for those in the chorale community.

Kate and Leah are the first students at Episcopal High School to receive such a distinction and both were highly commended in their category. To earn awards, students must complete a rigorous examination, which includes singing, music theory, and a comprehensive oral interview.

The RSCM provides a series of grades and awards to signify varying levels of musical achievement. There are four basic merit awards, which include the light blue ribbon, the dark blue ribbon, the red ribbon, and the yellow ribbon. Beyond the merits, are the medals awarded after successful coursework and examination, which are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards.

"This process made us realize how much we love choir and how church has played such a vital role in our lives growing up," Leah says.

The RSCM is an international Christian music education organization dedicated to the promotion of music in Christian worship, in particular the repertoire and traditions of Anglican church music, largely through publications, training courses, and an award scheme. Both Kate and Leah have taken part in numerous summer choral camps run by the RSCM since the fourth grade.

When asked what motivated them to pursue such a distinction the sisters cited Mr. Garmon Ashby, the Performing Arts Department Chair, who also directs the EHS Chorale program. "He is very encouraging and helps us a lot, especially with music theory," Kate says.

—Lauren West