Two-Day Interim Term and Senior Outreach

This year's abbreviated Interim Term and Senior Outreach take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 5 and 6. The second semester for all students begins on Thursday, January 7.

Interim Term Grade Level Learning for grades 9-10 focuses on Choices topics and also Diversity, Community, and Inclusion. Grade 11 dives into presentations by College Counseling. Dress code for students is spirit shirts, polos, and jeans/sweatpants. The Class of 2021 will deploy across the Houston area to volunteer at food banks, schools, and assisted living centers for Senior Outreach. #KnightsStandOut

See the two-day schedule for Interim Term below:

Daily Schedule for Interim Term

1st Block 8:00-9:20

Break 9:30-9:45

2nd Block 9:55-11:15

Community Time/ 5A Lunch 11:25-12:10

Community Time/ 5B Lunch 12:20-1:05

3rd Block 1:15-2:35