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Visual Arts Department Brings Home Multiple Awards

2020-2021 VASE Awards

On March 6, more than 3,000 art students from 500 area high schools competed in the Texas Art Education Association Visual Arts Scholastic Event, also known as the VASE Competition.

The Studio Arts program is proud to announce that all 11 participating students brought home 15 regional medals (see VASE Media Gallery below), with two earning perfect scores of "60", and one advancing to the State VASE level competition. What makes VASE a unique competition is that during the judging students are required to answer written questions to defend the merit of their artwork.

Students earning regional top scores with honors:

  • Giulia Calabrese 23' – Morning Sunrise - Painting
  • Giulia Calabrese 23' – Scope Me Out - Painting
  • Will Citizen 23' – Transitions - Painting
  • Ava Grove 24' – Canyon Dreams - Painting
  • Alena Haney 21' – Shadow of Lady Macbeth - Drawing
  • Alena Haney 21' – Therefore - Mixed Media
  • Olive Martin 23' – A Thousand Steps – Drawing
  • Elizabeth Minton 22' – Heart Felt - Painting
  • Elizabeth Minton 22' – Puppeteer – Painting
  • Serena Moore 24' – Rivers Edge - Painting
  • Sophia Neylon 22' – Lighting the Way – Painting
  • Hannah Rose 23' – Bang Bang Maxwell – Drawing
  • Cassie Stewart 21' – Caged Bird – Drawing - perfect score of 60!
  • Cassie Stewart 21' – Stir Crazy – Drawing
  • Bella Vogiatzis 21' – Just Peaches – Painting - perfect score of 60!

Medalist advancing to the TAEA State VASE competition

  • Alena Haney 21' – Therefore - Mixed Media

ATPI First-Place Honors

Freshman Jules Weinstein won a first place in the ATPI Virtual Winter Conference for the Digital Editing Contest. Faculty member Kate Philbrick also won three awards in the Faculty categories Food and Animals.

Jules Weinstein Student: 1st Place Digital Editing

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Kate Philbrick Faculty Contest: 1st & 3rd Places in Food 2nd Place in Animals

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