Welcome to the Renovated Underwood Library

You'll notice the furniture is modular, which allows us to create cozy study areas and move the library shelves to create a seating area for forums. The technology help desk serves the students, faculty, and staff from this central location. There is a new circulation desk for improved service and responsiveness.

In designing the renovation, our library team--Kate Hall, Head Librarian, Kyle Sumrow, Director of Education Technology, and Jay Berckley, Dean of Arts and Innovation--wanted to let as much natural light into the space as possible and make the library flexible for different kinds of learning. They wanted to move beyond a library being a place that shelves books and instead creates a space for learning, thinking, reading, and studying. "We envision it becoming the beating heart of the Episcopal campus, bustling with energy and activity throughout the day." - Kyle Sumrow, Director of Education Technology. Some of the many services offered at the library are eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines.

Jay Berckley, Dean of Arts and Innovation, adds, "We are thrilled to be part of this special moment in the history of Episcopal High School, and especially this next chapter in our celebration of the Underwood Library. The leading vision of our Board of Trustees, Head of School Ned Smith, and the wide range of stakeholders who helped develop our strategy has been unified from the start, uniformly aimed at renovating this magical space. All while keeping the spirit of community, teaching, and learning, and creating a welcoming space to explore and develop ideas at the heart of the EHS experience."

"The centrality of our library, our flexible and supportive librarians, the additional support programs we offer, along with the legacy of rich programming that is showcased here will flourish in this more modular and contemporary environment. Now, what started off as an idea is becoming reality, the spirit of innovation that is now manifest in remarkable improvements and unique new opportunities that will support and inspire our next generation of Knights for years to come."

The renovation has created a more innovative and inviting space for students to stop by.

Kate Hall, our new Head Librarian, adds, "What is the library to you? For many it is a place to discover new books, to study, and to learn. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing library during such an exciting time. It is an inspiring space to collaborate and create, but it is also a wonderful place to curl up with a good book. We will be hosting guest speakers, facilitating interactive class projects, and much more. There will be lots of activities happening in the library throughout the year so make sure to stop by!"

Thank you to School leadership, parents, students, faculty, and staff for helping make this happen. We hope you take a tour next time you are on campus.