From the Head of School

Welcome to Episcopal High School!  Our website provides a snapshot into daily life at EHS.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse as much as we enjoy living it. 

At 790 students strong, EHS continues to thrive. Our diverse and talented student body is split evenly between boys and girls; 27 percent of our students self-report as students of color; 18 percent are Episcopalian. Our 223 new students, 208 freshmen and 15 new sophomores and juniors, hail from 48 different zip codes and represent 55 different feeder schools. We continue to offer the most robust financial aid program in town, distributing nearly $3.5 million in financial aid and tuition remission across 15 percent of the student body for 2020-2021. Ours is the largest financial aid program in the city by any measure: per capita, as a percentage of endowment, or as a percentage of tuition revenue. Importantly, our class sizes remain small: This year’s average class size is 14 students, which allows for highly personalized and effective teaching and learning.

In March of 2020, we mounted the fastest transition to virtual learning in Houston when campuses around the city closed, and we received national recognition throughout the spring for the quality of that virtual program as well as for the speed of its implementation. With three new buildings and several new fields, our self-contained campus is best in class, and we are thrilled to be back. Best of all, it was built without one dollar of debt and without spending one tuition dollar. Our enthusiastic community of parents, grandparents, alumni, friends, and foundations donate generously to our capital projects, allowing every tuition dollar to go directly to teaching and learning.

Our students are smart, capable, and well rounded, and our school spirit is second to none. Whether on the field, in the Chapel, in the studio, or on stage, our students live joyful lives with enthusiastic support from the entire Knight family. After EHS, with the guidance of our exceptional college counselors, our students matriculate to the highest-ranked colleges and universities in the land.

Episcopal High School stands out in this otherwise topsy-turvy time because we focus on what we can control: living our mission to the fullest every day, on and off campus. In all that we do we aim to be a joyful and inclusive Christian community in where students discover and develop their individual talents, preparing for meaningful lives in service to others. That mission spoke to Houston at our founding in the 1980s and it speaks to Houston today.  Does it speak to you?

Go Knights,

-Ned Smith, Head of School