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Unleash your inner genius.

We design our classes for discovery.

Unleash your inner genius.

Every Knight is full of brain power and creative energy. We help our students free it. How? Small, intense classes and state-of-the-art facilities, for starters. Plus, mind-opening courses: Through our Interim Term, students travel to experience Chinese culture first-hand, uncover the complexity of baseball statistics, and design their own runway fashion shows. EHS teachers are experts at spotting talent, drawing out strengths, and pushing students to be fearless explorers. They challenge you to question, test, reimagine, and reinvent the world.

So get ready: Your inner engineer, web developer, or poet is about to STAND OUT.

Academic Coursework

Through a rich offering of over 180 courses across the Four Pillars, EHS helps students to develop independence and self-direction, creative problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity, persistence, and open-mindedness. Discover the depth and breadth of our curriculum. 

Academic Support

EHS strives to respond “to the individual needs and capabilities of each student” by offering support from afternoon tutorials, advisors, grade level deans, and an academic assistance program. Learn more about how we support our students.

College Counseling

As our students discover their interests, our robust college counseling team of seven works hand-in-hand with EHS families to discover the perfect fit for life after EHS. Explore how we prepare our students for the college process.

Underwood Library

Constructed in 2002 and remodeled in 2021, the Underwood Library is a part of the Brown Learning and Resource Center. Along with holding the school’s collection of 13,000+ books, it provides the most comfortable seating on campus to enjoy those books. Students enjoy meeting rooms, a game room, puzzle stations, and more during free periods and lunch. The library also houses two classroom spaces, a centrally located Technology Helpdesk, and the Academic Assistance Program offices.

Trotter Academic Building Science Labs

The Trotter Academic Building is home to 12 Science Labs—four biology, four physics, and four chemistry—in which our students experiment, explore, and learn. Each lab is two-sided, with a traditional classroom on one side and the lab on the other.

Academic News


Square Feet of Classroom Space

2 Week

Weeks Full of Hands-On, Immersive Learning Experiences Every Year


Faculty with Advanced Degrees


AP and Honors Courses Offered


College Acceptances Awarded to our Senior Class


Honor Societies

Knight Voices

Brad Telford

Each faculty and staff member is charged to give each child the tools, the opportunity, the support, the nurturing and, above all else, the love to discover—for themselves—the kind of Knight they want to be. For teachers and students alike, it’s a more ambitious and challenging path. But nearly 40 years of experience tell us that it is a path worth following.

English Teacher and Department Chair

Kim Randolph

I am fortunate to live out my vocation surrounded by other like-minded colleagues who value student success and well-being above their own.  EHS has trusted me to do my best to identify my charge’s gifts, make them known, build their confidence, and provide the support necessary for them to express them fully.  Whether it is in the arts, in athletics, in the classroom, or in Chapel, EHS has an outlet to manifest these gifts. 

Principal & Science Teacher

Davis Barringer

The environment at EHS creates go-getters. If you want to try an activity or start a club, the school provides support. I’ve especially enjoyed my history classes with Mr. Lerch, Mr. Lauer, and Mr. Schwarz.

Class of 2022 & Formula Four Racer