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Academic Assistance Policy

The School strives to respond “to the individual needs and capabilities of each student” (Mission of Episcopal High School). Because the School accepts some students who have one or more learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD and whose educational testing reflects such learning differences, we offer some classroom accommodations, including extended time to complete tests. EHS provides assistive technology to students through access to audio books from Learning Ally. We do not provide curriculum modification.

Psycho-educational testing must be performed by an approved testing resource. Parents considering educational testing for their child should contact the Director of Academic Assistance to ensure that the appropriate professional administers the testing the school requires.

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The Academic Assistance Program (AAP) provides a combination of support services such as academic counseling, mentoring, organizational skills training, and increased monitoring. The school determines those students who are eligible for inclusion in AAP and facilitates the scheduling of these students so they can receive this assistance during the school day in a monitored setting. After a year in the program, the goal is that students will have learned to manage their own academic load, so a subsequent year in the program should not be necessary.


Director of Academic Assistance, Mrs. Jenny Cantrell, at or 713-512-3677

Additional Resources

Parents and/or advisors may find the following resources useful in monitoring academic progress:

Weekly Progress Log (used by students on Fridays to see if they are current in their classes)
Tutorial Log (used to track student attendance at tutorial during the week)
Homework Plan (used by students to plan their study time for the day) Study Schedule (used by students