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Emily White


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What attracted you to EHS?

The first time that I read Episcopal’s school mission, I knew it was a place I’d like to work. Helping students reach their maximum potential is something that every school intends to do, but I think EHS truly succeeds at it. We offer such a wide range of classes, extracurriculars, and other opportunities to our students—many of which I was not offered during my time as a high school student that I'm envious!—and I was, and still am, impressed by the way EHS lives out that mission every day.

What are some qualities of an exemplary student in your class?

An exemplary student is not always one who scores the highest grade on his or her test or hands in a perfect paper, but someone who is actively engaged and working to his or her maximum potential. Centering my English classes around discussion, I look for a student who will participate, answer questions and ask some of their own, and truly show an interest in learning.

How have you grown in the last few years?

I think that I have grown tremendously over the last year. Beginning my teaching career has opened doors that I never thought were possible. I have met so many incredible people both at EHS and in Houston who have helped me continue to grow into the person I strive to be. I wake up every day feeling very lucky.

Sports Coached

English Teacher, Assistant Athletic Director, Head Varsity Field Hockey Coach, Assistant Varsity Lacrosse Coach

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Assistant Athletic Director
Athletics, English

B.A., State University of New York at Albany

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