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Evan "Evan" Harris


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What suggestions would you offer for students to be successful in your class?

The sort of student that would do well with me is an independent thinker who loves to participate. I’m very happy for my students to challenge me and propose alternative interpretations. Being a bit of a contrarian, if you have the evidence to back it up, can be a fantastic trait in an English class. I also love students who can speak honestly and passionately and show vulnerability. That takes bravery and makes the class stronger as a whole.

What is your favorite book to teach and why?

My favorite book to teach is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. It’s equal parts absurd and tragic. It’s about a character who can’t grow. I love characters who can’t grow or who are trapped, repressed, and frozen. We come into literature always expecting characters to transform and learn, but real life is often more complicated than that.

Describe an accomplishment that has given you much satisfaction.

My proudest accomplishment is writing, publishing, and directing my own play. It took a year to do and was a much bigger endeavor than I had anticipated. I’m the sort of person who struggles with follow through. It’s easier to get excited about an idea in the beginning stages than it is to stick with it when things get challenging. I almost cried at the final dress rehearsal. I’ll always have fond memories of that cast and of our time together.

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English and Debate Teacher, Assistant Tennis Coach

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Athletics, English

B.A., Vanderbilt University
M.A., Columbia University

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