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Tennessee "Tennessee" Hill


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How would you describe your teaching (or leadership) persona or style?

I try to be an empathetic teacher, leading with compassion. I also try to tailor my teaching strategies to how I can best conduct a classroom conversation that is mostly student discussion with myself as facilitator.

What do you enjoy most about teaching (or working) at EHS?

The community created at EHS by faculty, staff, and students is one of genuine love and compassion. It is a true joy to come to work every day surrounded by such kindness and care.

What was your favorite class as a student and why?

I took a Fairytale Literature course in college that I found to be so fun and intriguing. It helped me have a well-rounded concept of literature as well as an appreciation for long-standing traditions of writing. It was awesome!

Sports Coached

English Teacher, JV Coed Golf Coach

Faculty Information

Athletics, English

B.F.A., Stephen F. Austin University
M.F.A., North Carolina State University

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At EHS Since