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Chelsea "Chelsea" Bass


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Teacher Bio

How do you work with people whose backgrounds and experiences may be very different from yours?

I believe in first finding the common ground between us. Our experiences and backgrounds may be different, but the hope is that we can work together to find important similarities, which in turn can lead into a healthy understanding of our differences.

What are some qualities of an exemplary student in your class?

An exemplary student in my class is one that is respectful, prepared, communicative, inquisitve, and engaged.

What is one of your favorite places of travel and why?

My most recent travel took me to Thailand for two weeks where I absolutely fell in love! The country is so serene and peaceful, and the food was spectacular. Their way of life inspired me to make some changes to my own and I can’t wait to go back and explore new parts.

Sports Coached

English Teacher, Assistant Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach, Teaching English 1 Honors and African American Voices

Faculty Information

Athletics, English

B.A., University of Texas – Austin
M.A., DePaul University

Other Information

At EHS Since