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Michael Codrington


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How would you describe your teaching (or leadership) persona or style?
As a teacher, I’m a big believer in meeting people where they’re at, respecting all, and creating an environment where it’s ok to fail. I value everyone’s thoughts in my classes and take great care in my responsibility as their teacher.

Who has had a profound effect on your teaching and how?
One teacher and one coach come to mind immediately. Ms. Hoyt was instrumental in aiding my ability to write at a young age and is one of the teachers who I borrow the most from in my own classroom. Coach Lou was my football and track coach while in high school. The way that he went about his business, the way that he understood us as people and the passion that he had are all areas that I try to take from.

What was the most useful criticism you’ve ever received and why?
Some useful constructive advice that I received from Mr. Wayne Jones was to be your best self everyday, knowing that you cannot be extraordinary every day. We’re all flawed people, who may have hiccups in our days and may make mistakes while doing our jobs. If you approach each day with a positive attitude, trust yourself, and roll with the punches, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Sports Coached

English Teacher, Teaching English 1 and English 2, Assistant JV Football Coach

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Athletics, English

B.A., Howard University

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