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Mr. Tabish Rasool Virani

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English Teacher, Student Government and Senate Co-Advisor, Students of Service Advisor
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What do you enjoy the most about EHS students?

I love how outgoing and friendly our students at EHS are. They are eager to participate in classes, share great insights, and entertaining jokes but will get serious when the situation demands it.They are also willing to share deeply personal feelings allowing me to learn more about them through their writing.

What are some qualities of an exemplary student in your class?

An exemplary student in my class is one who shows me that they are trying their best. I understand that English is not everyone's strongest subject, but a student doesn't need to have the best grade in the class for me to consider them a success. They might be struggling in the class, but if they take the time to show me that they want to improve by asking questions or by attending tutorials for extra help, it makes a significant difference.

Who has had a profound effect on your teaching and how?

My high school physics teachers had an important effect on my teaching. A large part of why I wanted to pursue a career in teaching was due to the amount of time, effort, and care they showed me when I was struggling in their classes. They would spend a lot of one-on-one time with me during tutorials and even during lunch periods to help me understand the concepts I struggled with. And when I started teaching, I knew I wanted to provide the same attention to my students that I received from them.

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B.A., Rice University
M.A., University College of London

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