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Mr. Bob "Bob" Matthews

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English Teacher - English II Honors | English III, Website Special Projects Manager
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What made you want to teach?

Two very important teachers influenced me at a young age. Firstly, my mother taught preschool for several decades at Westminster Day School (and even taught many students who went on to later be my students!), and I loved that she was a teacher. Secondly, the first time I really remember explicitly wanting to be a teacher was in second grade. Only a few distinct details remain about Ms. Simmons, my second-grade teacher, but I remember that she was really tall, had lived in Japan, and was the nicest woman I had ever met. I loved being in her class, and I knew that I wanted to be like her when I was older.

What is your favorite thing about EHS?

The smiles. Students, faculty, or staff--all kinds of people around campus are smiling. The people who fill this campus stretch themselves and have incredibly full plates, yet the interactions with faculty, staff, and students turn that work into fulfillment, and fulfillment brings out bright, wide smiles. The smiles let us know that the mission of the school works; they are the immediate benefits of fostering a caring community that looks to lift up each member of that community.

What is your favorite teaching moment?

I love any moment involving an excited student. Whether during a class discussion, a writing exercise, individual work during tutorials, or even walking through the halls, bursts of energy and excitement make all the hard work worth it. Seeing those explosive epiphanies--the moments where difficult concepts suddenly make sense, or when weeks of effort lead to a phrase, a sentence, or a whole essay about which the student is proud--those are my favorite moments.


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B.A., University of Texas
M.L.S., Rice University

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