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Nancy Eisenberg

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Describe a memorable/rewarding moment of teaching at EHS.

On the second day of class during the fall semester, we were studying Jericho Brown’s poem “N’Em” when one student remarked that the title means “and them,” and, with that, another student suddenly and excitedly “got” the poem. I watched the “aha” moment as he explained the poem to the class.

What are some qualities of an exemplary student in your class?

An exemplary student in my senior English elective, African-American Voices, is one who comes to class with an open mind and the willingness to engage with the writers we read and with the class, tackles a question even if she’s not sure of the answer, and asks tough questions.

Who has had a profound effect on your teaching and how?

I am a teacher today partly from the influence of my mother, who came from a family of teachers and found joy in the magic of words, and partly because of a high school English teacher, who was the first to offer the opportunity for me to question my world through the literature we read.


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B.A., Wellesley College
M.Ed., University of Houston

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