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Mr. David "David" Framel


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What do you enjoy the most about teaching at EHS?

There's a great deal I enjoy about being a teacher, especially at EHS. Teaching is one of those rare professions that keep your brain young, allowing you to continue a journey as a lifelong learner. At EHS, we strive to develop students who will become exactly that but if we aren't buying into it ourselves, our students don't stand a chance.

How do you influence students to understand and appreciate the study of English?

English and literary analysis open our eyes and make us ask questions, build our intuitions and instincts, and expand our minds. It is in my classroom and through my interaction with students that I can create a space for this to happen. My goal is to make the study of English a place of connection—to characters, to history, and to our own humanity—while fostering an atmosphere of awareness and comprehension.

Describe an accomplishment that has given you much satisfaction.

Accomplishing a dream can be a rare event, and in the case of writing a novel, many people try but only a few ever succeed. When I finished writing my second novel, I once again realized the time and sacrifices that made my goals a reality. Anytime you’ve worked hard to accomplish a difficult-to-achieve dream, no one can ever take that away from you.

Sports Coached

English Teacher, Student Publications Coordinator, Head JV White Football Coach

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Athletics, English, Publications, Visual Arts

B.A., University of Tulsa

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