Academic Support

The Academic Pillar supports Episcopal High School’s mission by providing an education that prepares students for college and for a significant life beyond school. Our students receive an intellectually and spiritually challenging liberal arts education characterized by rigor and excellence.

Assistant Head of School and Principal

Nancy Laufe Eisenberg
(713) 512-3431
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Director of Academic Assistance
Jenny Cantrell
(713) 512-3677
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Ninth Grade Dean
Eric Lerch
(713) 512-3690
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Tenth Grade Dean
Meghan Moake
(713) 512-3461
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Eleventh Grade Dean
Wayne Jones
(713) 512-3469
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Twelfth Grade Dean
Jessica Adams
(713) 470-5035
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Department Chairs

English Department Chair
Brad Telford
(713) 512-3401
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History Department Chair
Toshla Guthrie
(713) 512-3433
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Mathematics Department Chair
Michael Hunt
(713) 512-3466
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Science Department Chair
John Flanagan
(713) 512-3422
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World Languages Department Chair
Christine Cepeda
(713) 512-3430
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SubjectRequired Credits

Length of Study

English4 Credits

8 Semesters


3 Credits6 Semesters
Science3 Credits

6 Semesters

History3 Credits

6 Semesters

World Languages2 Credits

4 Semesters

Religion2 Credits

4 Semesters

Arts2 Credits

4 Semesters

Health and PE1 Credit

2 Semesters

Other Electives3 Credits

6 Semesters


23 Credits

46 Semesters

Episcopal High School uses the semester grading system, whereby each student receives a grade at nine weeks and another at eighteen weeks, the end of the semester. For yearlong courses, the end-of-the-year grade, a reflection of the two semesters, is the only grade recorded on the transcript. Effort grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) will be given for each nine-week grading period.

Academic Exams Calendar:

EHS Honor Code Pledge

As a member of the Episcopal High School community, I pledge that I will not lie, cheat or steal, and that I will uphold the values of honesty and integrity.