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Academic Support OLD

The Academic Pillar supports Episcopal High School’s mission by providing an education that prepares students for college and for a significant life beyond school. Our students receive an intellectually and spiritually challenging liberal arts education characterized by rigor and excellence.

Principal: Mr. Kim Randolph - or 713-512-3465

Senior Grade Level Dean: Mr. Isaiah Coleman - or 713-512-3499

Junior Grade Level Dean: Mr. Mark Mitchell - or 713-512-3475

Sophomore Grade Level Dean: Mrs. Meghan Moake - or 713-512-3461

Freshman Grade Level Dean: Mr. Eric Lerch - or 713-512-3690

Assistant Grade Level Dean – 12th: Mr. Julius Michael - or 713-512-3613

Assistant Grade Level Dean – 11th: Ms. Shelly Edmonds - or 713-512-3495

Assistant Grade Level Dean – 10th: Mr. Paul Revaz - or 713-512-3657

Assistant Grade Level Dean – 9th: Mr. Alex Ayris - or 713-512-3614

Director of Academic Assistance: Mrs. Jenny Cantrell - or 713-512-3677

Math Learning Specialist: Mrs. Mary Catherine Jackson Holliday - or 713-512-3428

Department Chairs

English Department Chair
Brad Telford
(713) 512-3401
> email

History Department Chair
Toshla Guthrie
(713) 512-3433
> email

Mathematics Department Chair
Michael Hunt
(713) 512-3466
> email

Science Department Chair
John Flanagan
(713) 512-3422
> email

World Languages Department Chair
Alex Bruton
(713) 512-3458
> email


SubjectRequired Credits

Length of Study

English4 Credits

8 Semesters


3 Credits6 Semesters
Science3 Credits

6 Semesters

History3 Credits

6 Semesters

World Languages2 Credits

4 Semesters

Religion2 Credits

4 Semesters

Arts2 Credits

4 Semesters

Health and PE1 Credit

2 Semesters

Other Electives3 Credits

6 Semesters


23 Credits

46 Semesters

Episcopal High School uses the semester grading system, whereby each student receives a grade at nine weeks and another at eighteen weeks, the end of the semester. For yearlong courses, the end-of-the-year grade, a reflection of the two semesters, is the only grade recorded on the transcript. Effort grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) will be given for each nine-week grading period.

Academic Exams Calendar:

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EHS Honor Code Pledge

As a member of the Episcopal High School community, I pledge that I will not lie, cheat or steal, and that I will uphold the values of honesty and integrity.