Advisory Program Overview

The advisory program at Episcopal exists to promote personal and academic growth among EHS students, to provide continuous mentoring, advice, guidance, support and advocacy for each student throughout their EHS experience, and to strengthen the sense of community at school. Advisors facilitate communication with teachers and parents while striving to maintain a sense of each advisee’s academic and social progress during their full tenure at EHS.

The responsibilities of the advisor cover a wide range of activities. Advisors are responsible for endeavoring to create a rapport of trust with and awareness about each advisee; leading and teaching their respective advisory groups; maintaining an open line of communication between EHS and parents; supervising activities related to students’ four-year plans and semester schedules; and assisting in the supervision of a class during chapel.

Incoming freshmen are placed with a Freshman Advisor. Transferring sophomore, junior, and senior students who have newly arrived at EHS are placed into appropriate grade-level advisory groups. Each student’s interests, activities, prior connections, and special needs are considered in the placement process in an effort to create strong bonds between advisor and advisee.