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Summer Enrichment Programs


We encourage students to use their summers wisely. This can mean doing anything from an academic program to community service to a good old-fashioned job. Below we have listed a number of summer opportunities of varying content, location, length of time, and cost. Some programs are free, while others cost thousands of dollars; most fall somewhere in between. Please know that the cost of a program is not a measure of its quality or prestige in the eyes of college admission offices. This list is just a starting point to get you thinking. There are many more programs out there, so feel free to explore!

ARCHITECTURE & interior design

University of Houston and Rice University – By Design Architecture for High School Students
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Architecture is a fundamentally social art that combines practical requirements for human use with a poetics of form and meaning. Although architecture may take years to master, those who study it in college have usually harbored an intense curiosity about the subject from at least their early teens. This introductory studio and accompanying lectures and field trips will give you a broader, deeper understanding of architecture and also the opportunity to build a portfolio for use in applying to schools of architecture should you eventually wish to do so. This course presupposes no prior knowledge of architecture, simply a visual awareness and willingness to learn. You’ll travel back in time to some of the most interesting buildings ever and also make the acquaintance of some of the most accomplished architects of recent history. You’ll visit some of the most extraordinary buildings and places in Texas, while also developing an appreciation for the architecture of the commonplace landscape as seen through the eyes of J. B. Jackson, Del Upton, Alan Hess and other scholars. Best of all, whether you decide to pursue architecture in college or not, you’ll gain a lifelong appreciation of architecture as a fine art and an everyday source of pleasure and amazement.

Ball State University - Interior Design
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Ball State’s Interior Design program offers a high school workshop/camp experience where high school students (of all levels) learn about interior design in a hands-on way.  The workshop explores fundamentals of 2D and 3D concepts, basic drawing and illustration skills, use of color and light effects, and how interior environments affect human behavior. Participation in this workshop will help your student build an art portfolio, help them make their final decision about declaring “interior design” as a major.

Mississippi State University School of Architecture - Design Discovery
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The School of Architecture within the College of Architecture, Art, and Design at Mississippi State University is offering an eight-day summer workshop that is intended to answer many of the questions about design and architecture as fields of study and as professions. The major goal of the workshop is to simulate the information, skill, and intensity required for a design education, while providing a clear insight into the practice of architecture. With this experience it will be possible for the participants to make an informed career decision about architecture and its related design disciplines.



University of Houston and Rice University - Closer Looks, Art History and Appreciation Program
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Looking -- perceptively, knowledgeably, imaginatively -- is an art too. Through patient yet lively, in-depth explorations of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs, you'll acquire and refine critical looking skills to add to your enjoyment of not just art, but the worlds in which it operates.

California College of the Arts Pre-College Program
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Immerse yourself in a college-level curriculum and become part of a creative community, meeting and working with other talented, serious students from diverse backgrounds. Pre-College provides a perfect platform to expand your knowledge, grow as an individual, develop strong portfolio pieces, and get a taste of college life.

Maryland Institute College of Art - Pre-College Studio Residency Program
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The four-week Pre-College Studio Residency Program in Baltimore is an intensive college-level experience designed to help participants make the leap from thinking like a high-school art student to thinking like an artist-making art that reflects a new level of skill and personal vision, communicating ideas about art in daily critiques, and building a professional portfolio of work. Core studios and workshops culminate in a student exhibition, which presents the work of pre-college students to family and friends during a final certificate ceremony.

Savannah College of Art and Design – Pre-College Rising Star
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This challenging five-week program awards college credit to rising high school seniors who are ready for a summer college experience. Students enroll in two college-level classes and have the opportunity to build or enhance their visual arts portfolios. At SCAD Savannah, Pre-college: Rising Star participants have access to university facilities, including classrooms, computer labs, studios, production suites, libraries, galleries, theaters, bookstores and fitness centers. Students live in a SCAD residence hall and have their meals at a SCAD dining facility.

The Rhode Island School of Design – Pre-College Program
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The six-week summer residential Pre-College Program offers 16- to 18-year-old high school students a comprehensive introduction to the college art school experience. Students follow a college-level studio curriculum and live in RISD residence halls, in a full-immersion encounter with art and design education at the highest level. The program is focused, serious and challenging, as students experience the core elements of a RISD education – critical thinking and art making – from foundation drawing and design courses, to critical studies in art, to focused concentration in one of 20 diverse majors. Throughout the program, students are expected to maintain a high level of initiative and responsibility regarding their work and behavior.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago – Early College Program Summer Institute
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SAIC's ECP Summer Institute is designed to have students focus in one area, allowing in depth exploration of a particular discipline. Experimentation and critical feedback from renowned faculty and peers promote discovery and refinement of skills. As a result, ECP Summer Institute students leave the program with higher confidence and innovative, portfolio-quality work.

Students may choose an area that is new to them, but all students should have experience in visual art and/or design. Students enrolled in an ECP Summer Institute course should be prepared to make an active and intensive commitment to the study of art, design, or writing. Typical ECP Summer Institute students spend most of their time producing work. In addition to all-day classes, students are expected to attend evening lectures and workshops, and complete homework assignments over the weekends. The ECP Summer Institute is first and foremost an intensive academic program for serious high school students.



Launch X: 2023 Summer Program
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An opportunity for high school students to come together with the top community of aspiring young entrepreneurs and start real businesses, create cool things, and make an impact. They will offer a campus program and an online program.  New in 2023 will be an Innovation Program. This 2-week program where students solve a problem within an existing corporation to give them hands-on experience in technology, business, and a changing workforce. 

TCU's Investor Challenge for Rising Seniors 
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Spend a week on campus with dozens of other students the summer before your senior year of high school, living in residence halls and taking finance classes at the TCU Neeley School of Business.  In addition, you will manage a $100,000 virtual portfolio throughout the fall and spring, you’ll submit stock trades online. TCU students in the prestigious Educational Investment Fund will analyze your stock reports and offer feedback.  This program is academically competitive and typical has a deadline in early April. 

UNC Chapel Hill - Young Founders Institute for Entrepreneurs  
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Students can build a real business and be a part of an amazing community of teen doers. At Young Founders, teens learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, receive $200 in cash to grow their startups, and work with market-making CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, and top-tier business school professionals.

University of Pennsylvania – Social Innovators Program

Do you have an interest in social impact, business or entrepreneurship?  The University of Pennsylvania along with Schoolyard Ventures is offering an eight-week project-based program designed to help students launch their own social enterprises.  The program is designed to work around students’ summer schedules. More information can be found here

University of Houston – Bauer College Business Summer Camps for High School Students
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Want to explore the real world of business? UH Bauer College offers three summer enrichment programs for students to pursue business education and special topics!

University of Texas – McCombs School of Business Subiendo: The Academy for Rising Leaders
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The Academy for Rising Leaders is a summer program hosted by The McCombs School of Business. Now in its sixth year, Subiendo offers Texas high school seniors a unique opportunity to work hand-in-hand with today’s business and political leaders. The Subiendo program is free for accepted applicants.

University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business Pre-College Programs
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Wharton's summer programs for high school students provide an opportunity to develop leadership skills and explore your interest in business.

TCU Neeley Analytics Academy
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Dive into the World of Data. Ever wonder how Amazon knows what you want to buy or why your social media feed includes advertisements for items you’re interested in purchasing? How are Instagram and Twitter such profitable companies when they provide free services? How does your insurance company predict your driving behavior? The answer – data. It’s everywhere, and if you understand data and the inner workings of companies’ use of data, then you’re ahead of the game and ready for any career path.

The TCU Neeley School of Business hosts a one-week summer residential program for high school students, providing a hands-on experience with opportunities to learn and hone your skills in data analytics and market research. You’ll build models to explore how a business is performing and discover the ways data can impact profitability. 


Marist College – Summer Pre-College Game Institute
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If you enjoy video games, why not design and create your own? You won't have to fuss with archaic programming languages. Instead you'll use state-of-the-art game-maker software that is both straightforward and yet is expansive and powerful. Students begin creating games, simple ones initially then increasingly sophisticated ones later. You'll learn how to create, test, and debug different types of exciting games such as scrolling shooters, maze games, platform games, and 3D parallax games. With this modern, user-friendly approach, in seemingly no time, you'll be well on your way to making real, viable video games that you can even share with your friends. No prior programming experience is required.



Breakthrough Houston
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If you’ve ever wondered about a career in education or if you care about making a difference in the lives of students around the city, Breakthrough provides a unique chance to not only get involved but also get paid for doing so. Consider applying for a teaching assistant position at Breakthrough Houston.  Apply online by March 18, 2022. 


ENGINEERING and technology

United States Naval Academy STEM Program
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Are you thinking of a career as a coder, game developer, designer, or robotics engineer? Then start with the experience of a world-class program like the Naval Academy's Summer STEM Program!

The Summer STEM program involves a vibrant week of problem-solving, exploratory learning, critical thinking, and team building for rising 9th-11th graders interested in a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

You'll work with students from all over the country as you test your problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration skills.

Application deadline is March 31.

Texas Tech - Explore Engineering Summer Camp 
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High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be introduced to engineering concepts and gain experience with classroom lectures, hands-on group projects, and campus life. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 22, 2022.

CACHET – STEM Pre-College/Summer Programs

Looking for STEM summer programs?  The College Admissions Collaborative Highlighting Engineering & Technology (CACHET) has a list of over thirty different precollege summer programs

Santa Clara University – Pre-College Engineering Programs

The School of Engineering at Santa Clara University is pleased to present two programs in 2022 available to current high school sophomores and juniors interested in learning more about the field of engineering. The Spring Engineering Education Days (SEEDs) and Summer Engineering Seminar (SES)programs are geared towards students who have not yet committed to future engineering study and who have had minimal exposure to engineering topics due to lack of access. Due to the high level of student interest and limited space, SEEDs and SES program acceptance has become highly competitive. Please see each program’s website for more information and deadlines.

Saint Louis University - Engineering Summer Academy
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During the Engineering Summer Academy, students will collaborate on projects, explore engineering laboratories, learn about career paths in the engineering industry and more. Interactive modules will cover a range of topics that include aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering.

Mississippi State University - QUEST/The Bagley College of Engineering Summer Research Program
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The Bagley College of Engineering Summer Research Program, QUEST, provides opportunities for gifted and talented, rising high school seniors to spend three weeks working in world-class laboratories on the campus of Mississippi State University. The program will expose students to the excitement and opportunities of a career in engineering and life on the campus of one of the top engineering colleges.

QUEST offers an innovative research opportunity designed to allow scholars a chance to increase their knowledge and understanding of engineering by participating in engineering research projects at Mississippi State University. Upon the participants’ completion of the program, scholars will have a better understanding of research and will be motivated to think about graduate school and careers in engineering. Special enrichment seminars will also be offered to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful college students and researchers.

University of Alabama – Student Introduction to Engineering
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Do you ever wonder what makes bridges capable of withstanding 100-mph winds or why a skyscraper doesn’t collapse during an earthquake? If so, then perhaps you’ll be an engineer someday! If you are entering the 11th or 12th grade, come to The University of Alabama campus to discover if engineering or computer science is the right career for you by participating in our SITE Program!

University of Houston – Cullen College of Engineering Summer Program for Girls and STEP FORWARD Engineering (Co-Ed)
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GRADE Camp is a week-long day program designed specifically for entering 8th to 12th grade girls who want to find out what engineering is all about through "hands-on" experience. We will be evaluating applications as early as January. Assignment of camp weeks will begin in April.

STEP Forward Camp is a one-week residential engineering introduction program for rising 12th graders. The program is limited to fifty students. Participants stay on the University of Houston campus in a dormitory. UH engineering students serve as camp mentors and counselors.

University of Idaho Junior Engineering Math and Science Program
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Designed for students who have completed at least their junior year of high school, the Idaho Junior Engineering, Math and Science (JEMS) Summer Workshop provides an introduction to engineering through study of real-world problems within their technical and social contexts.

Clemson University – Summer Scholars Program

If you are an advanced high school student, the two-week classes provide a great opportunity to search deeply into specialized topics. All middle and high school students will enjoy the one-week introductions to college subjects. If you have attended this program in the past, you will see that we are offering some new and exciting courses this year! We encourage you to take a look at Clemson’s Summer Scholars program.

North Carolina State College of Engineering – Summer Programs for High School Students

Each summer, the College of Engineering at NC State University offers High School students the opportunity to experience engineering, science and technology at NC State.

At our Raleigh location, we offer a multidisciplinary week-long day camp for rising 9th and 10th graders and discipline-specific residential camps for rising 11th and 12th graders. The residential program allows students to explore a particular field of engineering in more depth while also experiencing college life at NC State University.

MIT – Minority Introduction to Engineering & Science

Through the MITES (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science) program OEOP offers three free-of-charge rigorous residential and on-line, academic enrichment programs for promising high school juniors who are interested in studying and exploring careers in science and engineering. The programs are rooted in MIT's belief in the importance of students from diverse populations to pursue higher education and careers in these fields.


North Carolina State

Offers a program in Textile Exploration.  A reasonably priced one-week residential program for rising seniors who are interested in fashion and textile design. Priority Deadline is April 1. 

Parsons School of Design Program in Paris

High school students are introduced to the art and design college experience through an immersive course of study taught in English in Paris. The program is open to high school students entering their junior or senior year and to recent high school graduates. Applicants must be 16–18 years of age by the start of the course. 



University of Houston and Rice University - Moving Pictures

Learn on the job as you work in small groups to script, act, film, and digitally edit short narrative films. You'll also cover the principles of story-boarding, lighting, photography, continuity, sound, and other fundamentals of technique. Each afternoon you'll watch one of the most extraordinary movies ever made, such as Citizen Kane, The Rules of the Game, Casablanca, Nights of Cabiria, The Shop Around the Corner, The Searchers, The Apartment, The 400 Blows, M*A*S*H, The Godfather, and Rushmore, introduced and discussed by presenters from UH, the Rice University Cinema, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Concludes with a screening of student films for friends and family. No prior filmmaking experience required.

New York Film Academy – Film Camp

In all New York Film Academy film camps, each student writes, shoots, directs and edits his or her own films. Film camp is designed for people with little or no experience in making films. The programs focus on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enable the participants to direct their own projects. During these high school film programs, each weekday is split between in class instruction and on-set production, and the following subjects are taught to be of immediate and practical use in an integrated curriculum. In our longer film camps (three, four and six week), these subjects will be treated in greater detail and taken to a higher level than in the shorter programs. Each day, students apply the lessons learned directly to the films they are making. Students in longer programs make more films and, therefore, have more opportunities to develop their abilities and employ what they have learned.


MATH and SCIENCE (Other)

Texas A&M - Summer Virtual Veterinary Enrichment Camp 
Are you thinking about becoming a Veterinarian? Current sophomores and juniors that are interested in becoming future Veterinarians should consider the Texas A&M University vet camp.  For more information look here.

Saint Louis University - Aviation Academy

During the Aviation Summer Academy, students will collaborate on projects, take discovery flights in a SLU airplane, learn about career paths in the aviation industry and more. Interactive modules will cover topics such as flight science, aviation managament, aerial navigation, aircraft design, air traffic control and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Boston University – Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS)

PROMYS is a six-week summer program at Boston University designed to encourage strongly motivated high school students to explore in depth the creative world of mathematics in a supportive community of peers, counselors, research mathematicians, and visiting scientists. Professor Glenn Stevens, the Director of PROMYS, founded the program in 1989 together with other members of the current faculty.

Looking for more Summer Programs in Science?


MEDICINE and Neuroscience

Cornell University – Summer College: Biological Research and the Health Professions

Biological research and the health professions are the hottest fields in science. From biotechnology to rediscovering ancient methods of healing and making brand-new medical breakthroughs—all of these careers and much, much more are part of biology and life sciences.

If you have a passion for science labs, love to read Discover and Scientific American, or feel that medicine is your calling, come explore those possibilities through this program.



Asia Society's Young Leaders Institute
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Asia Society’s Young Leaders Institute is a week-long program for high school students aimed at promoting global competence as well as leadership skills. Since launching in 2016, YLI has provided new perspectives and strengthened skills for nearly 300 students.  Throughout the week, students will learn the value of collaboration as they work in teams, researching, debating, and presenting solutions for the challenges facing our world. Past sessions have covered topics including U.S.- China relations, food security, public health, and social justice and civic engagement. The students will be mentored throughout the week by Asia Society staff and local experts in their respective fields, and have opportunities for leadership development as well as learning about early career development.  The cost to attend the program is $100.00.

The deadline to apply is March 28.

University of Texas – Summer Discovery: Crime and Justice

Learn from one of the top criminologists in the U.S. about different types of criminal behavior: the crimes, characteristics of offenders and victims, and the strengths and weaknesses of the justice system. Includes guest speakers from the U.S. Marshals and FBI.


research opportunities

Lumiere Education - 24 Research Opportunities for High School Students 
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Research is becoming one of the most important ways for high school students to spend their time during the summer. Often considered a tier 1 or tier 2 extracurricular activity. 

In this post, we outline 24 summer research programs besides Lumiere that high school students can apply to this summer. Some of these are free and some of them charge tuition.


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill – Hussman School of Journalism and Media

The UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media is hosting three summer enrichment programs on campus for high school students interested in journalism. Click to learn more

Marist College – Summer Pre-College Sports Communication Institute
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Do you stay up late writing for the sports section of your school paper? Are you a sports television junkie who wants to learn more about the networks you watch? If so, then consider attending Marist's Sports Communication Institute housed in Marist's highly-regarded School of Communication and the Arts - one of the only schools in the country to offer dedicated study in sports communication.

University of Texas – Summer Discovery: Introduction to Sports Management
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Provides an overview of the sports industry, its role in society, and the management and marketing of collegiate and professional sports. A variety of other areas in the field of sports management will be covered to help introduce you to different career options.

University of Texas – Summer Discovery: Strategic Management of Sports Organizations
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Why do some teams succeed while others fail? We’ll examine off-field strategies that promote on-field success, using management strategy and other strategic thinking, decision-making (game theory & behavioral economics) disciplines. You will see sports, leadership, and decision making in a new light.



Boston University – Summer Theatre Institute
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The Boston University Summer Theatre Institute is a five-week conservatory experience for highly motivated high school theatre artists. Designed to mirror the freshman BFA experience within the College of Fine Arts School of Theatre at Boston University, the Institute allows all participants the opportunity to test their interests and abilities in a professional training environment. Students earn 4.0 college credits for their coursework in acting, design, voice, singing, and stage combat, as well as master classes, experimental theatre laboratories, and the creation of an original piece of theatre with members of their ensemble. Throughout the five-week program, students engage with Boston University, the professional artistic community in Boston, and the city’s historic and cultural offerings. Students graduate from BUSTI having honed their technique, depth of intellectual and artistic questioning, playfulness in collaboration, and ability to tell a dynamic story through the theatrical medium.

Emerson College – Pre-College Studio in Acting
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Acting Studio offers rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to train in an intensive pre-college acting program. Applicants selected for the program participate in rigorous acting, voice and speech, movement and scene study classes to learn the art of acting for the stage. During the five-week program, students refine and perform audition pieces and theatrical scenes. Students who complete the program will have an opportunity to showcase the acting skills they have learned.

Emerson College – Pre-College Studio in Musical Theatre
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Musical Theatre Studio offers rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to train in an intensive pre-college musical theatre program. Applicants selected for the program attend challenging singing, acting and dance classes to learn the art of performing live musical theatre. During the five-week program, students refine and perform audition pieces and musical theatre scenes. Students who complete the program will have an opportunity to showcase the musical theatre skills they have learned.



Rhodes College - Summer Writing Institute 
Click here for more details and how to apply

The Summer Writing Institute at Rhodes College takes place annually for two weeks during June and is a residential academic program committed to developing the critical thinking and writing skills of high school students. The goal of the Institute is to offer a structured, diverse, and inspiring writing community. Sponsored by the Rhodes English Department and First Year Writing Program, the Institute emphasizes writing but also engages faculty from many college disciplines to expose students to a variety of subjects.

Sewanee Young Writers' Conference
Click here for more details and how to apply

Are you currently a high-school student who is passionate about creative writing? Click the link above to learn about our program. This year, in addition to having workshops in poetry, playwriting, and fiction, we are also offering three specialized courses: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fabulism: Short Fiction through a Fantastic Lens and Digging Deep: Writing and Discovery in Poetry and Creative Nonfiction. We will also be offering multiple craft classes, taught by our faculty and special guests, most afternoon and evenings as well as the opportunity to meet with our expert in revision, Jorge Sanchez, daily.

University of Houston and Rice University - Stranger than Fiction (Literary Journalism and Nonfiction)
Click here for more details and how to apply

Long-form journalism is a staple of magazines from The New Yorker to Rolling Stone -- and also Hollywood. You'll read articles and selections from books by an all-star cast of writers, including Joseph Mitchell, Tom Wolfe, Joan Didion, Hunter S. Thompson, Calvin Trillin, Michael Lewis, and Tina Rosenberg. Afternoons will be devoted to the screening and discussion of films based on nonfiction sources. "Driveway-moment" long-form radio pieces by David Isay, Ira Glass, and others will keep you spellbound, too. As a sidebar, you'll also sample the art of the feuilleton, or op-ed piece, and even develop one or several short nonfiction pieces to add to your own writing portfolio.

University of Houston - Story Lines (Fiction)
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Story-telling is common to all cultures, conjured from the experience and imaginative faculties of narrators and auditors, writers and readers, movie-makers and -goers. Besides reading short stories, long stories, and short novels, you'll watch films adapted from or created as fiction. You may also feel like trying your hand at writing a story or film treatment of your own.

University of Massachusetts - Juniper Institute for Young Writers
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The Juniper Institute for Young Writers is an extraordinary nine-day creative writing program for students who are finishing their sophomore, junior, or senior years of high school. Hosted by the University of Massachusetts MFA Program for Poets and Writers, the Institute offers participants a unique opportunity: intensive workshops in fiction and poetry, craft sessions and studio courses designed especially for young writers, as well as unparalleled exposure to world-renowned authors through readings and Q&As with its companion program for adults.

The Kenyon Review – Young Writers Workshop
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Young Writers is an intensive two-week workshop for intellectually curious, motivated high-school students who value writing. Our goal is to help students develop their creative and critical abilities with language—to become better, more productive writers and more insightful thinkers. For more than nineteen years, Young Writers has provided a lively, supportive environment where students can stretch their talents, discover new strengths, and challenge themselves in the company of peers who share their interests.

Bard College at Simon’s Rock Summer Young Writer’s Workshop
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Unlike conventional workshops in expository and creative writing, Simon's Rock's focuses on using informal, playful, expressive writing as a way to strengthen skills of language and thinking. Out of these informal writing activities, using techniques of peer response, students develop more polished pieces, ranging from personal narratives to stories, poems, and exploratory essays.

Looking for a Summer Program in Journalism?



EHS Students of Service
Click Here for a list of Summer Service Opportunities

Consider giving your time in service to your neighbor this summer! There are many organizations that need volunteer support. Click the link above to see a list of projects that may be of interest. 

Looking to Volunteer here in Houston or elsewhere? Try these:

And More!

Still need more ideas? Try these:

UT Austin offers a variety of summer programs.  A list of all their programs can be found here.

Teen Ink 
Click here to learn more

Our list of summer programs and camps has something for every teenager - especially for those looking for Creative Writing Programs. Explore, comment, or write a review on the great opportunities available on college campuses, nationwide, and overseas.