English Department

The courses offered by the English department aim to give students a thorough knowledge of the English language; to enable them to think, speak, and write clearly, creatively and logically; and to read with comprehension. These skills are fostered in a community that respects the individual, that values diversity, and that enjoys learning as a lifetime pursuit. Courses of study in English help students develop their critical thinking skills, organize their ideas, connect literature to their lives, develop patterns of independent thinking and learning, and foster the expression of individual creativity.

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Bradford Telford, Department Chair
Mariana Alarcon
Nancy Laufe Eisenberg
Matt Fox
David Framel
Evan Harris
Neidin Hernandez
Tennessee Hill

Courtney Lindloff
Bob Matthews
James Moynahan
Mark Mitchell
Emma Tsai
Tabish Virani
Emily White
Hailey Zipfel