Brad Telford

English Teacher and Department Chair
(713) 512-3401 | Email

A.B., Princeton University
M.F.A., Columbia University
Ph.D., University of Houston

At EHS since 2010
Teaching English III Honors and War Fiction

What aspect of teaching at EHS is most appealing to you?

I love the creative chaos of teenagers. Whether it’s question of a character’s motivation, a novel’s structure, or a tricky topic sentence, Episcopal Knights always bring a remarkable energy to my classroom that is authentic and glorious. My job, then, is to harness and direct that energy in a way that helps students build their confidence and hone their skills all while revealing to them new and fascinating parts of the known world.

What are some qualities of an exemplary student in your class?

Students in my classroom always strive to succeed but are not afraid to take risks. They look for the big picture while managing as many fine details as they can. And they empathize with others even as they laugh (gently) at themselves.

How would you describe your teaching (or leadership) persona or style?

I try to model my engagement with texts and literature that are all genuine, energetic, and utterly unabashed. None of this is any fun unless you’re all in!