Evan Chastain

English Teacher
Head Swimming and Diving Coach
(713) 512-3664 | Email

B.A., Crichton College

At EHS since 2013
Teaching English I and English IV AP

What do you enjoy the most about teaching at EHS?

Teaching at EHS allows me to work closely with individual students, helping them through their journey toward college. EHS is a community as much as it is a school, and I love hearing about student successes outside the classroom.

How do you work with people whose backgrounds and experiences may be very different from yours?

Having grown up overseas in a large military family, one of my greatest joys is discovering differences. Finding out new ways of thinking about situations, participating in new experiences, and joining with people in their celebrations of life give me a great deal of pleasure. In addition, hearing from a variety of backgrounds and sources creates a more rounded and genuine understanding of people and situations.

How do you influence students to understand and appreciate the study of English?

One of my English colleagues spoke of the study of English at EHS as teaching and learning empathy. We read the stories of others and enter into their experience. We practice writing to engage with their stories and add our own thoughts to them. This kind of empathic study is what students appreciate most in my English classes.